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Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Alberta Div.) 2019 Fall Mixed Sale

September 13, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Grandma JoExhi - Ennis Lady
2Moon AmourLiaison - Envious MoonFree 
3IpayubackpromiseImperialism - Erma's Gold
4UNNAMEDCape Canaveral - Expect the EndFree 
5Joker G.It's No Joke - Express Success
6Jimmy FlashJimmy Creed - Flashy n' SheikhFree 
7SmokedyaPalace - Fortynine BelowFree 
8Cranberry CreekImperialism - Generalcbandsallie
9RepoedOveranalyze - Gimpy
10Awesome GigiAwesome Again - Givonna B
11HowmuchistoomuchGiant Gizmo - Golden Made
12PapichuloSchramsberg - Gone in a Whisper
13UNNAMEDCape Canaveral - GreensongFree 
14Just for AlexImperialism - Guided Wave
15Arizona GrandFlat Out - Havasu FallsFree 
16Lisa's GreyCape Canaveral - I'm UnbelievableFree 
17Angel in the ChoirMank - ItsphunFree
18Classy StateDeclassify - Iva State
19Mr. JewelTeeman - Jewel of the Year
20Payday PaynterPaynter - Joanne JubilationFree 
21Redlands RocketTexas Red - JovaniFree 
22Bb Cant Touch ThisCan the Man - Joyous Appeal
23Just Be LuckyDeclassify - Just Asking
24Secret MeetingLiaison - Katy's KittyFree 
25Baine the BullGirolamo - Keepit to Yourself
26Clover BarExhi - Lady Glacken
27DingerHit It a Bomb - L'AvenueFree 
28ShakeittotheleftShakin It Up - Left SwiftlyFree
29UNNAMEDFed Biz - Lemon Drop MartiniFree 
30Common KnowledgeMank - Lil MissknowitallFree
31BooksieGayego - Linovision
32Lady NylaCape Canaveral - LocalFree 
33Imperial FlavorImperialism - Local Flavor
34MossleighNoble Mission (GB) - Luminous LadyFree 
35Wicked WomanWicked Strong - Macho WomanFree 
36Conner ClassifiedDeclassify - Malakwa
37Elusive EllieOmega Code - Meadow Park
38HumorlessIt's No Joke - Miss Jennifer Lynn
39Will of GoldGottcha Gold - Miss Lorena
40Lucky HaloCape Canaveral - Ms HeatheridgeFree 
41DunbowExhi - Mulanka
42It's No HolidayIt's No Joke - My Lady's Holiday
43Lil Miss MudCape Canaveral - My Name's MudFree 
44Flea FlickerIt's No Joke - Napanee
45Bang OnCommissioner - Next Big Nothin'
46Sins N WinsRevolutionary - Nymphette
47StarwalkerO'Prado Again - Ocala Mist
48ImaclassicmenIt's No Joke - Olyana
49RevyRevolutionary - Oneforthecrew
50Koka WestDeclassify - One West
51He's an AssassinCharming Assassin - Othlady
52Bronte's DreamImperialism - Parallelogram
53FortitudeJustin Phillip - Perfectly NaturalFree 
54IdgieOmega Code - Pink Hero
55PistaleroFinality - Platinum Rules
56Plum BlueImperialism - Political Affair
57Coasting GhostCharming Assassin - Precious Lemon
58PerditionGayego - Promiscuous
59Shannon's SecretDeclassify - Prouts Neck
60NonojojoCape Canaveral - PurplengoldFree 
61Recall the GoldGottcha Gold - Recalled
62Downie's HipCape Canaveral - Renaissance WomanFree 
63He's InarushDeclassify - Rescue Explicit
64TheruffsideofexhiExhi - Rubyintheruff
65ChickalettyCape Canaveral - Rumbeau RuckusFree 
66Rumohr ReignsOxbow - Samara StreetFree 
67Dana SmilesIt's No Joke - Savan' Brianne
68Ribbon of HonorDay of Destiny - Service Ribbon
69CigarilloCape Canaveral - SinfulindulgenceFree 
70UNNAMEDFlat Out - Sister AllstarFree 
71True DevotionRun Away and Hide - Six RoadsFree 
72TheshackShackleford - South Sea Pearl
73Lady BengelHeavenly Chorus - Spotted Silver
74Beau EricExhi - Still Single
75Senor ElectricoCape Canaveral - Streakin DiscreetFree 
76Breach of ContractIt's No Joke - Supercilious
77Desperate DonOmega Code - Sweet Dawn
78Shes My DestinyDay of Destiny - Tassajara
79BreslinMilwaukee Brew - Tell Me Lies
80Regalo de CalidadSchramsberg - Ten Bolts
81Creative LettersCreative Cause - Trail of LettersFree 
82Cuz Im a DancerSilver Max - Two BrightFree 
83UNNAMEDShackleford - Via Bendita
84UNNAMEDDeclassify - Vintage Moon
85Graceful SpiritCape Canaveral - WaifFree 
86GabbyVancouver (AUS) - Whats Up Creampuff
87DalewegottermadeBench the Judge - Whisper to Angel
88Light Fast FeetDeclassify - Wilko Rose
89Lord StanleyTizbud - Winning Tale
90ZenhiExhi - Zenzara
91I'manimperialgirlImperialism - Alamanda Drive
92BodemonsterBodemeister - Aline's SecretFree 
93WealldoitCape Canaveral - Americas Dreaming (IRE)Free 
94Imperial NorthImperialism - Appropriately
95Jazzy GirlGayego - Asharda
96Wedge PondCape Canaveral - Ave's HaloFree 
97Hardmedal CountessMedal Count - BarefootinFree 
98Bear WarningTeeman - Bear Clever Lady
99Dancing WillieGio Ponti - Bling It OnFree 
100Bound to Be SmartFlat Out - Boundary CreekFree 
101Grady's SongGraydar - Brave DivaFree
102Silver DaisyGraydar - Cassia RowFree
103Winning ChoiceHeavenly Chorus - Cedar Fever
104ShotthrutheheartReload - Chandlers HeartFree 
105RebowAwesome Patriot - Char's Still Here
106Island LassCape Canaveral - Cherokee R NFree 
107Tee CharmerCharming Assassin - Chevitee
108Old Double DiamondExhi - Cinderella Brite
109OutclassedyouFlat Out - Classy MissyFree 
110Cool BreezeMank - Cool CommotionFree
111Count On ItGayego - Count the Change
112DocslastjokeIt's No Joke - Cozy Up Doc
113Cuvee TeeTeeman - Cuvecious
114Admiral VanngoGottcha Gold - Daddy's Vany
115Proud WarriorExhi - Dawn of Fame
116Quinto's TimeGayego - De Vilbiss
117Dynamite DivaExhi - Diner's Diva
118GoldshaftMineshaft - FelisaFree 
119Temple of ZoomTemple City - KerfuffleFree 
120Ignite the MoonLiaison - Penumbra MoonFree 
121Crown RulerTizway - Political ProphetFree
122Collar Me FirstOxbow - Sister CharlieFree 
123Bells and WhistlesOxbow - TapitsdontlieFree 
124Explorer BillVerrazano - Billboard Babe
125Sheltered BayGemologist - City by the BayFree 
126Pysanka PrincessTale of the Cat - Seattle MusicFree 
127Clever WishSmarty Jones - Dream MachineFree
128PurplengoldForest Wildcat - Purple HeartGottcha Gold
129ReinforcementGood Reward - StarlineCounterforce