Ratings Generated in 2019
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Arqana 2019 Deauville Breeze Up Sale

May 11, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDDawn Approach (IRE) - Savoy Showgirl (IRE)
2UNNAMEDThe Factor - Sayedah (IRE)Free 
3UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Sayyedati Storm
4UNNAMEDStyle Vendome (FR) - Secret Question
5UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Secret UnionFree 
6UNNAMEDKingman (GB) - Serena's Storm (IRE)
7UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - SerendyFree 
8Shaha of Saints (IRE)New Approach (IRE) - Shahnila (FR)
9UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Shooting PartyFree 
10UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - ShumoosFree 
11UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Silent Decision
12Silent Samurai (FR)Dabirsim (FR) - Silent Sunday (IRE)
13UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Sister Agnes (IRE)
14UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Sosquaw (FR)
15UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Spirit of Hope (IRE)
16UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Step Sequence (GB)
17UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - Sun BitternFree 
18UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Super Marmelade (IRE)Free 
19UNNAMEDReliable Man (GB) - Takariyza (FR)
20UNNAMEDHot Streak (IRE) - Talqaa (GB)
21UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Tare GreenFree 
22UNNAMEDAnodin (IRE) - Tarsia (GER)
23UNNAMEDStreet Sense - Taste Like CandyFree 
24UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Tehamana (IRE)
25UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Three Choirs (IRE)
26UNNAMEDOrb - TizmagicalFree 
27UNNAMEDDawn Approach (IRE) - Vally Jem (FR)
28UNNAMEDNathaniel (IRE) - Vas Y Carla
29UNNAMEDMakfi (GB) - Verba Stars (FR)
30Vintage Spirit (FR)Charm Spirit (IRE) - Verone
31UNNAMEDKarakontie (JPN) - Volver (IRE)Free 
32UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - War Bride (GER)
33UNNAMEDKendargent (FR) - Whipsaw City (FR)
34UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Wild Academy (IRE)
35UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Winter Count
36UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Adja (IRE)
37UNNAMEDKarakontie (JPN) - Al BeedaaFree 
38UNNAMEDPoet's Voice (GB) - Al Jamal (GB)
39UNNAMEDToronado (IRE) - Al Kirana (IRE)
40UNNAMEDOlympic Glory (IRE) - Aldayha (IRE)
41UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Allegation (FR)Free 
42Old Friend (FR)Fast Company (IRE) - Alpen Glen (GB)
43UNNAMEDCharm Spirit (IRE) - Alpine Rose (FR)
44Magic Baron (FR)Dabirsim (FR) - American Nizzy (FR)
45UNNAMEDSidestep (AUS) - Ana Nova (FR)Free 
46UNNAMEDSidestep (AUS) - Anavera (GER)Free 
47Angela (FR)Wootton Bassett (GB) - Angel of Harlem (FR)
48UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Assagie (IRE)
49UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Awesome FlowerFree 
50UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Sylvestris (IRE)Free 
51UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Bailonguera (ARG)
52UNNAMEDWootton Bassett (GB) - Baki (FR)
53UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Bayja (IRE)
54UNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - Belesta (GB)Free 
55UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Blue Note (GER)
56UNNAMEDGleneagles (IRE) - Brasileira (GB)Free 
57UNNAMEDGleneagles (IRE) - Bratislava (GB)Free 
58UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Broken Applause (IRE)
59UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Can Dance (GB)
60UNNAMEDLe Havre (IRE) - Cape Ice (IRE)
61UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Centred (IRE)Free 
62UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Chortle (GB)Free 
63UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Collada (IRE)
64UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Core Element (IRE)
65UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Crystal Maze (GB)
66UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - DacioFree 
67UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Daidoo (IRE)
68UNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - Damhsa Le Cheile (IRE)Free 
69UNNAMEDWootton Bassett (GB) - Dardiza (IRE)
70UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Demeanour
71Dinkar (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Desert Sunrise (GB)
72UNNAMEDWootton Bassett (GB) - Diamond Nizzy (IRE)
73UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Dream The Blues (IRE)
74UNNAMEDPalace Malice - DrumetteFree 
75UNNAMEDNathaniel (IRE) - Duet (GB)
76UNNAMEDKingman (GB) - Dupe (GB)
77UNNAMEDSummer Front - East IndiaFree 
78UNNAMEDHavana Gold (IRE) - Echo of Footsteps (GB)
79UNNAMEDZoffany (IRE) - EdaraatFree 
80UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Ella Fitz (GB)
81UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Endless Light (GB)Free 
82UNNAMEDCamelot (GB) - Erdiyna (IRE)Free 
83Le Gastronome (FR)Sommerabend (GB) - Estella (GER)
84UNNAMEDKingman (GB) - Extricate (IRE)
85UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Falling Petals (IRE)Free 
86UNNAMEDCharm Spirit (IRE) - Fantastic Cuix (FR)
87UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Fast Lane Lili (GB)Free 
88UNNAMEDSidestep (AUS) - Feelin Foxy (GB)Free 
89UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - Fever's GoneFree 
90UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Flandre
91UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Folle Allure (FR)Free 
92Wantobewithyou (FR)Anodin (IRE) - Footloose (FR)
93Franklands (FR)No Nay Never - From This Day OnFree 
94UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Galipette (GB)
95Rempart (GB)Dabirsim (FR) - Garcinia (IRE)
96UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Golden Bottle
97Garigliano (FR)Gutaifan (IRE) - Green Ridge (FR)
98UNNAMEDElusive City - Gypsy Hollow
99UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Hazium (IRE)
100UNNAMEDShamardal - Jira (GB)
101UNNAMEDMedal Count - Henry's PosseFree 
102UNNAMEDAnodin (IRE) - Hesperian (IRE)
103UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Hieroglyph (GB)
104UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - How High The Sky (IRE)
105UNNAMEDElusive Quality - Humble Song
106UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Idle Tears (GB)
107UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - JalalFree 
108UNNAMEDHelmet (AUS) - Jessica Rocks (GB)
109UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Keri KeriFree 
110UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Key Rose (IRE)Free 
111UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - L'Ile Rousse (GB)Free 
112UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - La Conquerante (GB)
113UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Lacarolina (FR)Free 
114UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Lake Palace (GB)
115UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Lake SquaredFree 
116Lalic (FR)Intello (GER) - Larabesque (IRE)
117UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Last Gold (FR)Free 
118UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Lexi The Princess (IRE)Free 
119UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - Lidanski (IRE)Free 
120UNNAMEDIntello (GER) - Linea (GB)
121UNNAMEDOasis Dream (GB) - Loquacity (GB)
122UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Louya (IRE)
123UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Lucky Clio (IRE)
124UNNAMEDKingman (GB) - Lucrece (GB)
125UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Luminata (IRE)
126UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Manaaber
127Lady Maura (IRE)Muhaarar (GB) - Mathuna (IRE)Free 
128UNNAMEDAnodin (IRE) - Mazayyen (GB)
129Marly (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Means of Assent
130UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - Medea (IRE)
131UNNAMEDAl Kazeem (GB) - Midnight Flash (IRE)
132UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Mikandy (IRE)Free 
133UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Mireille (IRE)Free 
134UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Miss Azeza (GB)Free 
135UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Miss Coral (GER)
136UNNAMEDCamelot (GB) - Miss Raven (IRE)Free 
137UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Moojeh (IRE)
138UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Mrs Micawber (GB)
139UNNAMEDStreet Sense - ModelFree 
140Jeu de Paumes (FR)Wootton Bassett (GB) - Nayara (FR)
141UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - NebraskaFree 
142UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Neshla (GB)
143UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - No Such Zone (GB)
144UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - NothingbutthetruthFree 
145UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Pink Anemone (GB)
146UNNAMEDInto Mischief - PolomintFree 
147UNNAMEDStormy Atlantic - Pooh CornerFree
148UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Porto Arabia (IRE)
149UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Present Day (GB)Free 
150UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - PrettypriceygirlFree 
151UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Quad's Melody (IRE)
152UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Queen's Conquer (GB)
153PatagonieShanghai Bobby - Queens Carousel
154UNNAMEDDaiwa Major (JPN) - Ravarino
155UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - RehearFree 
156UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - Reroute (IRE)Free 
157UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - Roman MistressFree 
158UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Rose Et Or (IRE)Free 
159UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Rosie Thomas (IRE)
160UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Ryzyana (FR)
161UNNAMEDSuper Saver - Bayou TortugaFree 
162UNNAMEDViolence - AnysaturdayinmayFree 
163UNNAMEDNew Approach (IRE) - Interesting (IRE)
164UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Frangipanni (IRE)
165UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Lady Darshaan (IRE)
166UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - Weekend FlingFree 
167UNNAMEDZoffany (IRE) - Fabulous (IRE)Free