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Barretts Sales 2018 January Mixed Sale

January 17, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1WelkenSky Classic - AsdafGrazenFree
2Well PolishedBernstein - Brush OverPapa ClemFree 
3Winning TaleTale of the Cat - Mining MissharrietTizbud
4UNNAMEDNorthern Causeway - Affordability
5Alisa's CatchHal's Image - Caught SpeedingAwesome AgainFree 
6Speeding StyleCyclotron - Always in Style
7UNNAMEDSlew's Tiznow - Ancient HolidayFree
8Mr Right NowMr. Big - Angel ZFree
9Angel ZZensational - Angel AmyCurlin to MischiefFree 
10UNNAMEDUnusual Heatwave - AnnaliliFree
11AnnaliliTribal Rule - WindscreenUnusual HeatwaveFree
12Approved for FlybyVronsky - Approved to FlyFree
14Alibi for MischiefCurlin to Mischief - Awesome AlibiFree 
15Renton IndianLucky Pulpit - Awesome Liberty
16Awesome LibertyAwesome Again - Just FlyFree 
17Bella Swan (GB)Leporello (IRE) - Lydia Maria (GB)GrazenFree
18Belle PasseVan Nistelrooy - Charlotte Corday (GB)Richard's KidFree
19UNNAMEDVronsky - BellomaFree
20Brilliant ResponseHigh Brite - Beyond a DoubtLakervilleFree
21VallejoSouthern Image - Broke the Slump
22UNNAMEDJustin Phillip - Caution SignFree 
23UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Cee's Hollie
24Chelcee's HopeBartok (IRE) - PachiraGrazenFree
25City AngelCity Zip - Magical MaidenCreative CauseFree 
26UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Comedy GirlFree 
27PuttheblameonjimCalimonco - Crazy Tricia
28Impressive CurlsVronsky - Cut My CurlsFree
29UNNAMEDMr. Big - Deadly Red LightsFree
30Anyone Seen LoganAwesome Gambler - DebtbreakerFree
31DurantStevie Wonderboy - AnniversaryMucho Macho ManFree 
32DynamicflowerFlower Alley - Dynamic WaySmart BidFree
33Fairway RoadCuvee - Launch SiteGrazenFree
34Buhm's Candy BoySidney's Candy - Fantasy (GB)Free 
35Foxy JadeAtticus - Jade FoxRichard's KidFree
36Galloping SlewSlew's Tiznow - FullofcutenessFree
37You Gene Yes BurnsGovenor Charlie - Gambler's BeautyFree
38Gambler's JusticeLit de Justice - Monte Carlo MissUnusual HeatwaveFree
39Graded AttitudeGovenor Charlie - Giveme OnereasonFree
40Golden GrailStreet Cry (IRE) - Sea JewelMucho Macho ManFree 
41UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Golden Peach
42UNNAMEDMake Music for Me - Goodie Bag
43Haimish HyEcton Park - Tifonica (ARG)
44ItsayatesthingSaratoga Six - Sandbar DarlinGrazenFree
45Jet Blue GirlGimmeawink - Tori's PortiaLakervilleFree
46Lucky WaveUnusual Heatwave - KeldyFree
47UNNAMEDClubhouse Ride - Kind LadyFree
48Kind LadySir Cat - KindnessesClubhouse RideFree
49Long Legged LovelyBenchmark - Susan's ChoiceLakervilleFree
50UNNAMEDAcclamation - MesaatmimiscafeFree
51My YoladyMineshaft - Yolo LadyCreative CauseFree 
52Of RoyaltyUnusual Heat - Chosen RoyaltyMarino Marini
53UNNAMEDCurlin to Mischief - Princess AmelieFree 
54Princess AmelieBertrando - Negative PledgeHaynesfield
55PrincessofthenilePioneerof the Nile - Princess TwoAnimal KingdomFree 
56UNNAMEDShackleford - Princess SequoiaFree 
57UNNAMEDClubhouse Ride - Ready to ScoreFree
58Back in ActionVronsky - Real SharpFree
59Real SharpSharp Humor - Galashey
60Regina S.Arch - Regina MariaSlew's TiznowFree
61UnratedWicked Strong - Sacred AlibiFree 
62UNNAMEDMaltese Dog - Savvy N Speightful
63Calimonco AvenueCalimonco - Seattle Avenue
64Seattle AvenueCapsized - Up the Avenue
65SpeedusfeedusGovenor Charlie - Seattle SweetieFree
66UNNAMEDRun Away and Hide - She's Just AwesomeFree 
67UNNAMEDStormy Jack - Silver Spectre
68Sara CreweGrazen - Snobby PrincessFree
69Snobby PrincessPremiership - Top PrincessSmiling TigerFree 
70Spirit ChildHennessy - BabeinthewoodsTizbud
71UNNAMEDKhozan - Starlet O'HaraFree
72Rising ThunderCalimonco - Stormy Racer
73Stormy RacerStormy Jack - T. G.'s Girl
74UNNAMEDClubhouse Ride - Street GossipFree
75Stunning ActStay Thirsty - Stunning DramaFree
76Summer GirlFive Star Day - ScorchedMake Music for Me
77Lady of CharlieGovenor Charlie - Sweet N AwesomeFree
78UNNAMEDMarino Marini - Sweetpea
79Tea CakesMoscow Ballet - KokomotionDesert CodeFree
80UNNAMEDCross Traffic - TermiteFree 
81TildeSwiss Yodeler - Self TaughtCreative CauseFree 
82TizaflirtMarino Marini - Tiza Fast KatClubhouse RideFree
83Always in VegasUnusual Heatwave - TizalwaysomethingFree
84Tribal DressTribal Rule - Sunday DressGrazenFree
85Defense TravelsGig Harbor - Twin Spirit
86Candy CrisisCandy Ride (ARG) - Eloquently (GB)Free 
87Chautauqua CreekShakespeare - Gone ExclusiveCircumference (IRE)Free
88DislitleliteomineSingletary - Lighted Glitter (FR)SundarbanFree
89HadarraHarlan's Holiday - SpecialityStay ThirstyFree
90UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - HeatinaheartbeatFree 
91UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - Pleasureville MissFree
92Susans ExpressDecarchy - Excessive SusanWinning CauseFree
101AcrimoniousVronsky - PreservingthepeaceFree
102UNNAMEDNorthern Causeway - Affordability
103Lady MaxiPapa Clem - After All (IRE)Free 
104AirliteSuper Saver - Kiss the BreezeFree 
105Depende de TiAwesome Gambler - Akiss ForaroseFree
106UNNAMEDUnusual Heatwave - AnnaliliFree
107RandooCreative Cause - Armed N DangerousFree 
108Bluegrass FugitiveBluegrass Cat - Awesome LibertyFree
109SourireSmiling Tiger - Birdstone GirlFree 
110El KilateAwesome Gambler - Bold MystiqueFree
111Victimless CrimeU S Ranger - Bonefide ReasonFree 
112Calvert StreetSlew's Tiznow - Harlan ExpressFree
113UNNAMEDSlew's Tiznow - Candy ForestFree
114Carl With a CWorld Renowned - Carrie With a C
115Big Daddy RabbitStreet Sense - Catch That SongFree 
116Oh Be OneTwice the Appeal - Citizen Bernstein
117Coastal StarliteLakerville - Coast StarliteFree
118Toddy TimeShanghai Bobby - Comedy Girl
119My Little Fat BoyEmpire Way - Crowded Room
120CycloliteCyclotron - Summer Lite
121TizthunderinowSlew's Tiznow - Dane's ThunderFree
122Mr. PapasPapa Clem - Del Mar TicketFree 
123Reds Sacred AppealTwice the Appeal - Divine Legacy
124Dorita's CandyCandy Ride (ARG) - Normandy's NellFree 
125UNNAMEDBoisterous - Easy On My HeartFree
126PanochioTwice the Appeal - Elusive Beauty
127Eye of the RiverMany Rivers - Briteyednbushytail
128UNNAMEDWorld Renowned - Fashion Avenue
129Cause I'm GreyCreative Cause - Feature AttractionFree 
130Peace RangerU S Ranger - Field of InterestFree 
131Red RangerU S Ranger - Fluid MoveFree 
132BumblebeeWorld Renowned - Glor
133Great CircleTizway - Rare Ribbon
134Haveiture WayLucky Pulpit - Brief Illusion
135Hot AutumnTiz Wonderful - Shesoprovocative
136In HeatUnusual Heat - Gone Rebel
137IwishiwaspecialPapa Clem - Bold RobertaFree 
138The WeathermanStorm Wolf - Jettie AnnFree
139UNNAMEDUnusual Heatwave - KeldyFree
140KellyanneLucky Pulpit - Creative Karen
141Mo MonteUncle Mo - Lady RizziFree 
142Lavender CharmRoi Charmant - Lavender Touch
143Little LillySmiling Tiger - Lilly Fa PootzFree 
144The Code Is GrayDesert Code - Lucky GrayFree
145Gold Medal GirlStorm Wolf - Madre LunaFree
146Brazilian SummerGervinho - Marry by SummerFree
147Lady in GreenKitten's Joy - Medium of ExchangeFree 
148ZapattackGhostzapper - Milwaukee WomanFree 
149Course I Can PaySmiling Tiger - Miss RhythmicFree 
150U S LawmanU S Ranger - Money LoverFree 
151Jimmy GJimmy Creed - Ms. BasnightFree 
152Hollywood HeatHoorayforhollywood - MultiplyingtheheatFree
153Irish MamaAwesome Gambler - My Irish GirlFree
154Cause and EffectCreative Cause - My YoladyFree 
155Princess JadaNorthern Causeway - Neeko
156No One Told MeInformed - Sayit
157ObituaryGood Journey - Distant Glow
158OdinStormin Fever - Thunder Goddess
159Zo Lo's LovEmpire Way - One Smokin' Lady
160OstiniDecarchy - Autumn Light
161PepperwoodHoorayforhollywood - PepperdineFree
162Play Hard to GetPurim - French Jeannette
163It Will RainJeranimo - Pretty PeggyFree
164EarnestQuality Road - QueenofperfectionFree 
165UNNAMEDSlew's Tiznow - Quick CommanderFree
166Quite a StarlettHoorayforhollywood - Quite BeautifulFree
167Spectacular MusicMake Music for Me - Realandspectacular
168Right to the PointLucky Pulpit - Creative Karen
169Rowdy RangerU S Ranger - Rowdy GalFree 
170VroomVronsky - RoxyFree
171Russell DrakeTribal Rule - Keldy
172Sand HarborSierra Sunset - Sharoana
173Sea My MovesMore Than Ready - Secret KinFree 
174Pancho PanterasSierra Sunset - Seaquoia Blue
175Nutty SierraSierra Sunset - Sharoana
176Don GRun Brother Ron - Sierra Lane
177Autumn IsabellaMake Music for Me - Silver Spectre
178Sierra SunriseSierra Sunset - Starry Cat
179Lucky MarinoMarino Marini - Lucky Spell
180Wassup BroRun Brother Ron - Stormy Pleasure
181Sunday SarahMake Music for Me - Supreme Silver
182UNNAMEDWorld Renowned - Switch It Up
183Sunrise RoyaleInformed - Sayit
184SutterUnusual Heat - Gone Rebel
185Brave KidBrave Cat - Thiskiss Thiskiss
186Eddington BearEddington - Thou Shalt NotFree
187ComegowithmeThe Pamplemousse - Three for Marino
188Velvet QueenAnimal Kingdom - Tippy TapitFree 
189Friday's At ShadyTwice the Appeal - Unrepentant
190InordinateHarlan's Holiday - Out of Reach (GB)
191Love SolutionReal Solution - LittlebitofloveFree 
192Mo'vetteUncle Mo - Apple StrudelFree 
193Pay Or PlayKafwain - Sky Diver
194Perfect HolidayMajesticperfection - Kathy K D
195LaurentiaLiaison - Quiet StrikeFree 
196Serve Me a DoubleTo Honor and Serve - Flight Service
197Tattooed KittyWildcat Heir - Hannah's Ink
198Starship SkyStormin Fever - Throne Seeker
199Tokheim TizzyTiznow - Indy MissFree 
200TroublesomeInto Mischief - Apple Pie BabyFree 
201Broadway DaveSlew's Tiznow - Visual TreatFree
202You're Still AwayOveranalyze - West CourtFree