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Equine Sales LTBA 2019 Consignor Select Yearling Sale

September 5, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1JordanesqueTexas Red - Reality Is GreatFree 
2Passion LedStar Guitar - RebirthFree 
3Robtadi StormSpeed Limit - Robtadi
4Coffee CountyNew Year's Day - Rosiemyrose
5Minister's MedalMedal Count - SalverFree 
6Anne Maries BooCustom for Carlos - Say AfleetFree 
7UNNAMEDBind - Sheila Tequila
8Moody RafaelaBiondetti - She'sabit MoodyFree
9Looking HotLone Star Special - She's HauteFree
10Keitoes GoldTapizar - Shop for GoldFree 
11Easy RunnerRunhappy - Sikara (IRE)Free 
12Hushed Court RoomCourt Vision - Silent LegacyFree 
13UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Silent QueenFree 
14Visions of GoldSongandaprayer - Silver Vision
15Joe DiverApriority - Sister Survivor
16SlewalyzeOveranalyze - Slew City Lou
17Smittys PatriarchCustom for Carlos - Smittys CougarFree 
18MirabeauBind - Smittystown
19Velvet RidgeRedding Colliery - Snow Way
20Its DababyStonesider - SolarfastFree
21Cajun CannonHalf Ours - So Well ReadFree 
22UNNAMEDLone Star Special - SpotsylvaniaFree
23UNNAMEDAtreides - Spring Flower
24Kens Game ChangerCross Traffic - Stand by the PhoneFree 
25Seeking the StarsAstrology - Star CelebrityFree 
26UNNAMEDShakin It Up - StarkeyFree
27Dialed JDialed In - Sterling JFree 
28BregmanSum of the Parts - Storm Bounty
29Tiz SassyMorning Line - Street Sass
30Cats for the CureGoldencents - Superb in RosesFree 
31Riante SkySky Kingdom - Surely GrandFree 
32SquoxOxbow - Surprise SquallFree 
33ChemeMaclean's Music - Sweet Jackie JoFree 
34Harriet's DreamHalf Ours - Sweet MuqtaribFree 
35Hot Paynt JobPaynter - Sweettalkin HottieFree 
36StonecatcherRace Day - Swifty VictressFree 
37Red TassoRedding Colliery - Tasso Run
38Beaux ToxOxbow - TattlesheetFree 
39StarabellaStar Guitar - Teerific TeeFree 
40TherunawaycampCustom for Carlos - Telltale HeartFree 
41Guilty as ChargedGuilt Trip - Tensas Salt
42Shop AroundCourt Vision - The ClassicshopperFree 
43Miss DixieCustom for Carlos - TheheartofdixieFree 
44Bunkie's SongSongandaprayer - Those Lion Eyes
45Gone MidnightShakin It Up - Tiz A' GreeleyFree
46Oscar ChoiceAstrology - TommeyesgoldFree 
47WhoosahCongrats - Tonight's WagerFree 
48Brooky BoyLea - TrimomaFree 
49CounterfeitTenpins - Truly Original
50Tee TuffyPrince T. - Tuffy Em
51GuiceHalf Ours - Vertical VisionFree 
52Point of VictoryFlashpoint - Victory Tough
53Apache TearsShanghai Bobby - Viva Vega
54Custom PanchoCustom for Carlos - Wanna KatFree 
55GrayfullyRedding Colliery - Watchfull
56FriendofthecourtCourt Vision - Whata FriendFree 
57Aligned InterestClosing Argument - What a PartyFree
58Lady ChurchillHalf Ours - What's Your PointFree 
59Flashback ThunderFlashback - WhisperdownthelaneFree
60Widdle ZeeZede - Widdle Quee Fweet
61No Direct MatchesPollard's Vision - Wildcata
62T J's FirstFirst Dude - Wilshire BoulevardFree
63Conquistador GoldGold Tribute - Winsky
64Sir OveranalyzeOveranalyze - Adaya
65Lookin for LarryGuilt Trip - Alala
66Tensas ShackShackleford - Almost Majestic
67Hong Kong StrongSum of the Parts - American Honor
68MizspeltMizzen Mast - Anne MargaretFree 
69Charing CrossShackleford - Archetype
70Pow Wow IndianHalf Ours - Arctic IndianFree 
71Artie's DiamondKoh I Noor - Artie's Doll
72UNNAMEDLone Star Special - Arties T BallFree
73Lucky LindaBind - A True Star
74Awesome TenTenpins - Awesome Amazon
75B B MoodyCustom for Carlos - Band of TimeFree 
76Bam DorianBahamian Squall - Bardstown RoadFree 
77UNNAMEDFort Larned - Bayou GalFree
78Star of BermudaStar Guitar - Bermuda BrideFree 
79Holy TermsSum of the Parts - Betty Lou
80Lil AdeauHalf Ours - BiduadeauFree 
81Devil With a DashDaredevil - Big Bo's MoFree 
82Hot WineCourt Vision - Boston BratFree 
83E Z BreezCourt Vision - BreezilyFree 
84Global HymnsSongandaprayer - Brushfirefairytale
85Zoey Foo FooAwesome Patriot - Bubz Foo Foo
86Cadillac RidgeSongandaprayer - Cactus Cadillac
87Crafty FlowerSongandaprayer - Cajun Flower
88Sophie's PrayerSongandaprayer - Caroline Dehere
89LeclereClosing Argument - Casual FeatFree
90SumitupSum of the Parts - Cataballerina
91Nvrforget UrdreamsCameo Appearance - Catmaker
92Yankee Hail CatYankee Gentleman - Catoutofhail
93Have a NotionNotional - Cheyann UprisingFree
94UNNAMEDLone Star Special - ChickamaugaFree
95Katie's CruiseBodemeister - Cocktail CruiseFree 
96Moro BlingMoro Tap - Color Code
97Blue Sky VillainApriority - Corinthian Cutie
98Kittenofthe CourtHampton Court (AUS) - Coteau KittenFree 
99Grand PradoApriority - Crimson and Roses
100Flat Out CryptoFlat Out - Crypto EmFree 
101CallthewolfeStar Guitar - Crystal CourtFree 
102Star CopyStar Guitar - Curlin CopyFree 
103Lt. BonuraPaynter - Cute CadetFree 
104Wendy WilecatApriority - Dark Double
105Infinite RewardWarrior's Reward - Dattts CoolFree 
106Justin'smemoriesJustin Phillip - DeverellFree 
107Lady TricksterHat Trick (JPN) - Dinner At Arlene's
108PickettsladyfactorThe Factor - Divine LadyFree 
109Tool BoxClosing Argument - Dixie HymnFree
110Guilty TempoGuilt Trip - Dixie Tempo
111Stone DreamerBirdstone - Dreamed a DreamFree 
112Comedy HourHalf Ours - Dreaming of LucyFree 
113Bro BrahmsBrahms - Easta Monsta
114ZedusiveZede - Elusive Queen
115MorriconeLone Star Special - Empress HatshepsutFree
116HerschelCustom for Carlos - Equestrian JanetFree 
117SpeedofthespeedCustom for Carlos - Fast CityFree 
118UNNAMEDMacho Uno - Fiftyfour ForeverFree 
119Run Away SonRun Away and Hide - FillyocityFree 
120Wicked FitzWicked Strong - Flirty FitzFree 
121EverlovinghandSummer Front - Florida KeysFree 
122South Al SparkyApriority - Freuds On Holidays
123Cheyann GlittersArcharcharch - Frontier Days
124AlleviateLatent Heat - Genteela
125UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - GiovannaFree 
126SlowSpeed Limit - Glisten
127Dreaming NegFlat Out - Hallowed DreamsFree 
128WeyuSpeightster - Harlie's DreamsFree 
129Caesar's CalpurniaMy Pal Charlie - High School Skinny
130DrewhustleOutwork - Hilarious BrownFree 
131Out of TownTourist - Holly's WayFree 
132UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - HottamollyFree 
133UNNAMEDTapiture - Humble JanetFree 
134Boston Flat OutFlat Out - I'm a Proud BugFree 
135MagawildtimeTime Bandit - I'm Wild
136Mr. SnowflakePalace - Inner PeaceFree 
137UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Isn't She Gorgeous
138TakenforgrantedHalf Ours - JaguariunaFree 
139Bind LuckBind - Java Jolt
140MicajahMass Media - Joanna Marsay
141UNNAMEDAlgorithms - JukeFree 
142Janets Jay JayOrthodox - Just Call Me Janet
143Steph's SpiritMidshipman - Just Like KakiFree 
144Tap Out FastRace Day - Jysele's Hot MessFree 
145Big TimeAstrology - Kitty's Got ClassFree 
146OurperfectprincessHalf Ours - LadyzarbridgeFree 
147LynnlangBind - Langsyne
148Lassie's VisionCourt Vision - Lassie LynnFree 
149Fort PikeNownownow - La Tusa
150Louisiana SaintHalf Ours - Laughing SaintFree 
151BobbysfavoritesongHalf Ours - Leave a MessageFree 
152UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Leaving VirginiaFree 
153Seely BoyApriority - Like a Butterfly
154UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Lincoln DancerFree 
155Maggie's ReturnHalf Ours - Maggies RansomFree 
156Half MagicHalf Ours - Magic MadamFree 
157Full PowerSum of the Parts - Magic Power
158Magic MoroMoro Tap - Magic Shaw
159KuhlkePaynter - Mallory SquareFree 
160EuroexitEuroears - Maquita Elaine
161Custom MedinaCustom for Carlos - MedinaFree 
162Grey SloanMass Media - Melisma
163Mas O MenosOxbow - MilagoFree 
164Makati PhilApriority - Mindemoya
165Moro MischiefMoro Tap - Miss Chievous Lady
166Highland CreekBroken Vow - MizzenwayFree 
167PeganzaFusaichi Pegasus - MorganzaFree 
168Tensas SundayCustom for Carlos - Mrs. SundayFree 
169GriefVerrazano - Ms. Jean Elizabeth
170Apriority StormApriority - Ms Marigold
171Miss Miracle GirlDialed In - My Girl CourtneyFree 
172Dixie PatriotFusaichi Pegasus - My Mom PatFree 
173Port o' CallPoint of Entry - Mythic AppealFree 
174Our Half FirstHalf Ours - No Fairy TaleFree 
175Charli MichaelLewis Michael - One for CharliFree
176Cinco CatalinaCinco Charlie - One Lucky StormFree 
177MultidimensionalAtreides - Oval
178Perfect PeachLone Star Special - Peach OrchardFree
179Annie SullivanCross Traffic - Peeker's MelodyFree 
180Platinum SkySky Mesa - Platinum LadyFree 
181Banquet ChefBind - Playsamongthestars
182Julio ChoiceHalf Ours - Pleasantly BlessedFree 
183UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Poco ParisFree 
184ExtrapolatorCustom for Carlos - Primary MotiveFree 
185Prince PerfectaAwesome Again - Princess Perfect
186Abigail GCustom for Carlos - Pure ValueFree 
187Track QueenPaynter - Queen EmmaFree 
188One Car FuneralFlintshire (GB) - QueensguardFree 
189Moro ChristmasMoro Tap - Sithechristmas Elf
190All Star LuckyProudinsky (GER) - Sophie
191Back Inthat ActionStar Guitar - Unbridled ActionFree 
192UNNAMEDBind - Hartfelt
193Allstar MagicProudinsky (GER) - Liz's Broom
194Moro MollyMoro Tap - Molly and Lo
195Moro HoudiniMoro Tap - My Bernadette