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Fasig-Tipton Kentucky 2019 July Yearling Sale

July 9, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDMunnings - QualiaFree 
2Working OvertimeOutwork - Queen JoanneFree 
3UNNAMEDUncaptured - Queen of Scots
4MinnetonkaMunnings - Queen Ofthe CatsleFree 
5UNNAMEDFrosted - Queens FullFree 
6UNNAMEDAwesome Again - Quick Split
7UNNAMEDKantharos - Quite a RuckusFree 
8UNNAMEDNot This Time - Race HunterFree 
9UNNAMEDExaggerator - Radiant RubyFree 
10OnerollofthediceDialed In - Ramblin RosieFree 
11Bravo ReginaCongrats - Rap QueenFree 
12UNNAMEDDaredevil - Rave ReviewsFree 
13Dial AgainDialed In - Redheaded RitaFree 
14UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Reflect And Dream (AUS)Free 
15Racing AceUpstart - RemembermefondlyFree 
16UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Ribbon TaffyFree 
17UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Rich N Clever
18Freakishly FastFast Anna - Ride Me FastFree 
19Reinvestment RiskUpstart - RidingwiththedevilFree 
20GaroppoloOutwork - Romantic CuveeFree 
21Kid CashTapizar - Royal G GFree 
22Beacon StreetFlatter - Ruth and NevaFree 
23Gem KeyMaclean's Music - Ruth's ProofFree 
24UNNAMEDMunnings - Sadler's CharmFree 
25UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Sahara WindFree 
26Artificial RoseBodemeister - Sans SousiFree 
27UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Sarah Her Highness
28Papa SmoothBustin Stones - Saudi PrincessFree 
29Rye Sense of HumorDistorted Humor - Sea ShadowFree 
30UNNAMEDSuper Saver - See Rock CityFree 
31UNNAMEDAnchor Down - Sergeant O'RourkeFree 
32UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Shannon FaithFree 
33Southern GrayceLiam's Map - She Be KeeneFree 
34U. S. SteelCairo Prince - She'll Do ItFree 
35UNNAMEDVancouver (AUS) - Shenandoah Valley
36Shes Sky HighSky Mesa - ShesacurlinmytoesFree 
37UNNAMEDWicked Strong - She's a WowFree 
38UNNAMEDCinco Charlie - Shes Her Own PosseFree 
39UNNAMEDCan the Man - Sheza Sweet Lemon
40KatzmanKhozan - Sightseeing SisFree
41Franz JosefMshawish - Silent EmotionFree 
42Down to the WireAnchor Down - SimmadownnowFree 
43Mosler SafeMosler - Sky GivenFree
44UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - Slews Golden RuleFree 
45Slew BizFed Biz - Slew SmartsFree 
46RunabilityRunhappy - Snow MesaFree 
47MastermindWill Take Charge - Solid GoldFree 
48UNNAMEDOutwork - SolvedFree 
49UNNAMEDKantharos - SongandashinybandFree 
50UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Song Sung TrueFree 
51UNNAMEDConstitution - Sophie's DestinyFree 
52SophieryTonalist - Sophie SophieFree 
53UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Spring BloomFree 
54AristocrataSummer Front - Spring DanceFree 
55UNNAMEDGoldencents - Spring ZapperFree 
56Well ReadCross Traffic - StakeFree 
57Ruby's OrchidTale of the Cat - Stark BeautyFree 
58Stellar GraceVerrazano - Star Keeper
59UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Starlight LadyFree 
60GaslightWicked Strong - Starship AngelFree 
61UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Starship UniverseFree 
62California RoneCalifornia Chrome - Stayclassysandiego
63SalinoVancouver (AUS) - Stellar
64UNNAMEDThe Factor - StormbeforethecalmFree 
65UNNAMEDConstitution - Stormy KristineFree 
66UNNAMEDEmpire Maker - Street SavyFree 
67UNNAMEDNot This Time - Summertime GreenFree 
68Perfect CutGemologist - Sweet MayaFree 
69Just Deal With ItWicked Strong - Sweetness GaloreFree 
70UNNAMEDNyquist - Sweet RelishFree 
71Cowboy CasanovaPalace - Swiss KeyFree 
72UNNAMEDRunhappy - SwitcherooFree 
73MoonfireSuper Saver - TetradFree 
74WillacyCongrats - The Best OptionFree 
75Mac's PickBodemeister - The Cat's ReachFree 
76Mad MaddyAmerican Pharoah - Tigress TaleFree 
77UNNAMEDSpeightster - Time GivenFree 
78Run Run RapidashWill Take Charge - TizabellaFree 
79Tiz a PrinceCairo Prince - TizgaleFree 
80Tiz Splendid NewsMaclean's Music - Tiz NewsFree 
81UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - To the Moon AliceFree 
82Lightfoot MissViolence - TravelerFree 
83Fifth ElementSummer Front - Treasure ForeverFree 
84JemisonOutwork - Starship WarpspeedFree 
85Late for TapsAnchor Down - Treetop ShockFree 
86UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Tres Osos
87UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Triple o' FiveFree 
88UNNAMEDTapiture - TrishaFree 
89UNNAMEDCommissioner - True EndeavorFree 
90Hail to HelenShackleford - Tweak
91UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Twisted PurposeFree 
92UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Two QuartersFree 
93UNNAMEDExaggerator - U. K. GirlFree 
94OriginalQuality Road - UnforgettableFree 
95QuiOutwork - UnforgottenFree 
96Quique StyleSpeightster - Unusual StyleFree 
97UNNAMEDVerrazano - Urbana Fizz (ARG)
98Melting SnowDialed In - UrquiaFree 
99UNNAMEDPaynter - UzumeFree 
100UNNAMEDTourist - VentouxFree 
101UNNAMEDTourist - VeruschkaFree 
102Heart of GodWill Take Charge - Vesper CatFree 
103Deemed EssentialUpstart - VisavisFree 
104UNNAMEDStreet Sense - Vision in BlueFree 
105UNNAMEDMunnings - Walking MiracleFree 
106UNNAMEDShackleford - Water in the Pond
107Mighty MischiefInto Mischief - Wealth CreationFree 
108Honky Tonk HeroGhostzapper - Whisper to MeFree 
109UNNAMEDCalifornia Chrome - Wildcat Lily
110Blue LilyAmerican Pharoah - Winnie DixieFree 
111WithholderNot This Time - WithholdFree 
112RatificationConstitution - Without ThoughtFree 
113VietnamViolence - Wonder LadyFree 
114CardioversionLookin At Lucky - W W Old SchoolFree 
115UNNAMEDOutwork - ZuliaFree 
116UNNAMEDJess's Dream - AchalayaFree
117Flying AlethaTiznow - Afleet HoneyFree 
118UNNAMEDUncle Mo - A Footstep AwayFree 
119UNNAMEDMidshipman - Ain't It SweepFree 
120Nice AceNoble Mission (GB) - A Lady With an AceFree 
121SiniseDeclaration of War - Alegendinmyownmind (GB)
122UNNAMEDFiring Line - Alexandria JFree 
123UNNAMEDTapizar - AllencatFree 
124Blossom RoadShackleford - America's Blossom
125Quattro MaxOxbow - Amiable GraceFree 
126UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Andariel (IRE)Free 
127UNNAMEDAnchor Down - Annies LawFree 
128UNNAMEDVancouver (AUS) - Annihilation
129UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Another RomanceFree 
130UNNAMEDMshawish - Aqualane ShoresFree 
131UNNAMEDDialed In - Aqua RegiaFree 
132Harlan EstateKantharos - ArcheretteFree 
133UNNAMEDFlatter - Aurora ProspectFree 
134Coffee'sforclosersOutwork - Back SpinFree 
135VaccineRun Away and Hide - Bag of StarsFree 
136Breaking the BankGemologist - Bank AuditFree 
137Cash Orb CreditOrb - Bargain BlitzFree 
138MartinezTwirling Candy - Bauhaus BourbonFree 
139Maclean's PosseMaclean's Music - Beautiful PosseFree 
140Blame GeorgeBlame - BedankenFree 
141UNNAMEDCalifornia Chrome - Beholden
142UNNAMEDOutwork - BemusedFree 
143Bee ExxtravagantExaggerator - Berry KnollFree 
144VulcanMunnings - Bert's AltarcationFree 
145UNNAMEDViolence - Bessie MFree 
146UNNAMEDVerrazano - Be With Me
147Drop AnchorAnchor Down - Black CoronasFree 
148UNNAMEDTourist - Blue Bird LadyFree 
149UNNAMEDTapiture - Bluegrass SmileFree 
150Fifth RiskOutwork - Blue OrleansFree 
151UNNAMEDVerrazano - Board Battle
152ChacunBroken Vow - BojourFree 
153UNNAMEDOxbow - Buck Trout's NieceFree 
154UNNAMEDSpeightster - Buff JettFree 
155UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Bureau de ChangeFree 
156UNNAMEDNot This Time - Business DecisionFree 
157Flyin ItCongrats - CallipeplaFree 
158Frosted OverFrosted - Candy CrushFree 
159UNNAMEDGoldencents - Cape DiscoveryFree 
160UNNAMEDOutwork - Carbon BeachFree 
161No Down DaysBlame - CarefreeFree 
162Bossy MomentStreet Boss - Careless MomentFree 
164UNNAMEDJustin Phillip - Catch My FancyFree 
165ArtyisthepartyCairo Prince - Cause She's FastFree 
166Rrace Day WarriorRace Day - Causin a StormFree 
167UNNAMEDHard Spun - Celestial SmileFree 
168Medalla MatchSummer Front - Channel of GoldFree 
169BrackenSpeightster - Cheap PerfumeFree 
170UNNAMEDMineshaft - Cheer for FoxesFree 
171UNNAMEDPalace - Cherokee WindsongFree 
172Double WhopperMaclean's Music - Cheyenne AutumnFree 
173UNNAMEDOrb - Child PleaseFree 
174UNNAMEDNot This Time - Chilling EffectFree 
175UNNAMEDTwirling Candy - Chilly FashionFree 
176Fearless FlyFast Anna - ChiquiemFree 
177UNNAMEDNot This Time - ChoirFree 
178UNNAMEDShackleford - Cinnamon Girl
179City LegendBrody's Cause - City Gone WildFree 
180Dogwoods CosbySky Mesa - ClotureFree 
181UNNAMEDSuper Saver - ComforterFree 
182UNNAMEDSuper Saver - ConkateFree 
183Big Sky MontanaCross Traffic - Cool All OverFree 
184Navy SealMidshipman - CopperelleFree 
185UNNAMEDTiznow - CoppermineFree 
186UNNAMEDUncaptured - Curlamorous
187UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Dance OverFree 
188UNNAMEDDaredevil - Dare You to MoveFree 
189Kenny Had a NotionGreat Notion - DartingFree
190MaripazDialed In - DblsecretprobationFree 
191CollectSuper Saver - DeliziaFree 
192UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - Destiny CallsFree 
193Velvet BabyMineshaft - Diamond BabyFree 
194UNNAMEDKantharos - Doc's DestinyFree 
195Sir AcealotMorning Line - Donelle
196UNNAMEDSpeightster - Dreaming of LizFree 
197UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - DynarhythmFree 
198UNNAMEDFlat Out - Easter SweetsFree 
199UNNAMEDCreative Cause - EmilyFree 
200GeneratorHard Spun - EmpowermentFree 
201UNNAMEDFrosted - EnchanteFree 
202GinkgoRunhappy - EnthFree 
203AwesummerSummer Front - Ever AwesomeFree 
204UNNAMEDFiring Line - Ever Nice (ARG)Free 
205UNNAMEDCalifornia Chrome - Exchange Funds
206CatmanKitten's Joy - Fab FlowersFree 
207Scent of SuccessNot This Time - Fabulous BabeFree 
208UNNAMEDAnchor Down - Famous LadyFree 
209UNNAMEDMineshaft - FascinoFree 
210UNNAMEDMidshipman - Fashion StreetFree 
211Diamond SlewUncle Mo - Feathered DiamondFree 
212UNNAMEDKantharos - Female DramaFree 
213Gogo BobbylayneTexas Red - FiscFree 
214UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Flat Out CharmingFree 
215UNNAMEDExaggerator - FlattermewithrosesFree 
216UNNAMEDPalace - Follow the LiteFree 
217UNNAMEDShackleford - Forever Vow
218Tapit to the WireTapiture - Frolic to the WireFree 
219UNNAMEDViolence - From Jump StreetFree 
220UNNAMEDOutwork - GaspFree 
221UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - GayatriFree 
222Musta Got LostHit It a Bomb - Girl Gone ZippyFree 
223Gypsy KingSummer Front - GittelFree 
224Tequila MomaAnchor Down - Glad Your BackFree 
225First DateTiznow - Glencoe GirlFree 
226UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Glorious SkyFree 
227UNNAMEDFrosted - Glorious ViewFree 
228UNNAMEDAir Force Blue - Good Time SallyFree 
229EmroPoint of Entry - Grand FinesseFree 
230UNNAMEDUpstart - Greatest RewardFree 
231UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Greenfield d'OroFree 
232TransportAnchor Down - Gypsy AngelFree 
233UNNAMEDSpeightster - Happy FlightFree 
234Highland BeachBrody's Cause - Harbour IslandFree 
235Hardcore JusticeFed Biz - Hardcore CandyFree 
236Hatmaker HolidayAmi's Holiday - HatmakerFree 
237DemonInto Mischief - Haute CoutureFree 
238Ms. Iron MaidenCairo Prince - Hello IrvingFree 
239Al's PrinceCairo Prince - Here Comes ChloeFree 
240UNNAMEDOutwork - Hey JulieFree 
241Midnight SaluteMidnight Lute - Holiday MoonFree 
242UNNAMEDSpeightster - Holy DazzleFree 
243UNNAMEDBernardini - Honest GoldFree 
245Group HugSpeightster - Hug DocFree 
246UNNAMEDFrosted - Humble StreetFree 
247Three Mile LimitMidshipman - I Got ThisFree 
248Walk Me HomeAir Force Blue - Imaginary SaintFree 
249UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - I'm FantabulousFree 
250She's a Bizzy GirlFed Biz - In a CloudFree 
251UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Indian ValleyFree 
252UNNAMEDTourist - Indy SueFree 
253MomosDistorted Humor - Inspeight of UsFree 
254UNNAMEDCairo Prince - In StitchesFree 
255UNNAMEDDialed In - Into RealityFree 
256UNNAMEDExaggerator - Irish PleasureFree 
257UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Iroquois GirlFree 
258UNNAMEDSky Kingdom - Ivory TreasureFree 
259UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Jamaican SmokeFree 
260UNNAMEDDominus - JamboreeFree 
261UNNAMEDBodemeister - Jax ElFree 
262UNNAMEDBayern - JeraFree 
263Coach AwesomeEmpire Maker - Jet AwayFree 
264UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Jewels N GemsFree 
265Bay MambaGoldencents - Jill MarieFree 
266UNNAMEDTourist - Jor JahFree 
267UNNAMEDMidshipman - Just a FlashFree 
268Best CauseCreative Cause - Just Like PopFree 
269Sully's BroBodemeister - Karate GalFree 
270Kats in ChargeHard Spun - Katherine'skadenceFree 
271CoolerPalace - Klondike KateFree 
272UNNAMEDKantharos - Kombat LakeFree 
273UNNAMEDOutwork - La Belle CatFree 
274Jordan's LeoMalibu Moon - Lady Is a LionessFree 
275UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Lady OliviaFree 
276Lady DerbyExaggerator - Lady RizziFree 
277Lightening AnnaFast Anna - Lanai CityFree 
278UNNAMEDCinco Charlie - LanternFree 
279Hard Rye GuyHard Spun - La Pomme d'AmourFree 
280UNNAMEDSpeightster - Laurel HeightsFree 
281UNNAMEDTwirling Candy - Lead Me NotFree 
282UNNAMEDMshawish - Lexington PearlFree 
283UNNAMEDMineshaft - Light of a StarFree 
284UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Lily's SparkFree 
285Wicked FinnWicked Strong - LimerickFree 
286UNNAMEDUpstart - Lion Lemon 'n LimeFree 
287Unidentified ManVancouver (AUS) - Lisdoonvarna
288UNNAMEDDialed In - Listen to My SongFree 
289UNNAMEDCinco Charlie - Lookin' FoxyFree 
290UNNAMEDSuper Saver - LookingFree 
291Uptown FlirtSpeightster - Lost RewardFree 
292GrandeurInto Mischief - LoureFree 
293Where's ValBernardini - Love CoveFree 
294UNNAMEDSummer Front - Lovely CoolFree 
295ThongTiznow - Lovely RafaelaFree 
296Mulsanne RunWill Take Charge - Love Mia (ARG)Free 
297UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - Lutheran MissFree 
298Maria's MirageAnchor Down - Macha GloritaFree 
299UNNAMEDInto Mischief - MadagascatFree 
300UNNAMEDMineshaft - Magic MadisonFree 
301UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Magic PearlFree 
302UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Magic SmokeFree 
303Fancy ChaosMshawish - Major IdeaFree 
304Tempting FortuneOveranalyze - Makeitagame
305KalypsoBrody's Cause - Malibu CoveFree 
306UNNAMEDLiam's Map - March OnFree 
307UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Mary BerniceFree 
308UNNAMEDUnion Rags - MaybelleneFree 
309Hard StrikeHard Spun - May Be NowFree 
310Violenza d'OroViolence - MayfieldFree 
311UNNAMEDCongrats - MazucamberaFree 
312UNNAMEDStreet Boss - MeadowleeFree 
313Semper FidelisFast Anna - Meadow SaffronFree 
314Pico d'OroCurlin - Michelle d'OroFree 
315UNNAMEDNyquist - Princess HayaFree 
316UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Midnight SearchFree 
317Mikey's JewelNot This Time - Mikey Likes ItFree 
318UNNAMEDSummer Front - Mine's MistressFree 
319My Miss MiracleKantharos - Miraculous MissFree 
320UNNAMEDEmpire Maker - Miss PatchouliFree 
321Finnstown CastleUncaptured - Miss Suilleabhain
322Sleight of HandElusive Quality - Miss Vindictive
323UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Misty RunFree 
324Equal ChanceFed Biz - Misty SixesFree 
325UNNAMEDCongrats - Mi TiaFree 
326UNNAMEDBlame - MommoFree 
327Untamed MoneyUncaptured - Money Peg
328Moonshine DancingSpeightster - Moonshine BertieFree 
329Sky PatrolTourist - MoujaneFree 
330UNNAMEDLaoban - Ms HallieFree 
331UNNAMEDUncaptured - Ms. Short Fuze
332UNNAMEDSky Mesa - Munhall MissFree 
333BreakthroughNyquist - Murky WatersFree 
334UNNAMEDFed Biz - My AnguillaFree 
335Until NowVerrazano - My Bellamy
336Just Read ItConstitution - MybrokenhomeFree 
337UNNAMEDMunnings - MylittaFree 
338Constant CosmicSecret Circle - MythologyFree
339UNNAMEDNot This Time - Naples RoseFree 
340UNNAMEDDialed In - NatetwaFree 
341Lady War MachineStreet Boss - Native BombshellFree 
342OglalaSocial Inclusion - Naughty MatildaFree
343UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - No KnocksFree 
344Mallory's ArmyCentral Banker - NotassharpasuthinkFree 
345Marron GlaceCarpe Diem - NougatiniFree 
346Wise AnchorAnchor Down - Oh Wise OneFree 
347One Full MoonMalibu Moon - One for LondonFree 
348UNNAMEDTamarkuz - One for YouFree 
349Testimonio de FeDialed In - On ParoleFree 
350C C GoldrushCalifornia Chrome - Our Fantene
351UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Our Gal ElFree 
352Lady Dont MindCongrats - Our LesmisFree 
353UNNAMEDUpstart - Out of GoodbyesFree 
354UNNAMEDSpeightster - Page DancerFree 
355OriginalistConstitution - Past as PreludeFree 
356UNNAMEDConstitution - PeaceloveandjoyFree 
357UNNAMEDAir Force Blue - Pearl In The Sand (IRE)Free 
358UNNAMEDSpeightster - Pike CreekFree 
359UNNAMEDPalace - Pious AshleyFree 
360Camp HopeSummer Front - PraisingFree 
361UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Precious LadyFree 
362HulkDialed In - Pretty PleaserFree 
363OmatiNot This Time - PreventionFree 
364RunforgloryRunhappy - Proud DameFree