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Goffs 2018 February Mixed Sale

February 6 - 8 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Naias (IRE)
2UNNAMEDHelmet (AUS) - Ohio (IRE)Free 
3UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Pereira (GB)
4UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Right Reason (IRE)
5UNNAMEDTeofilo (IRE) - Rondo Alla Turca (IRE)Free 
7UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Sian (IRE)
8UNNAMEDFoxwedge (AUS) - Siryena (GB)Free 
9UNNAMEDSociety Rock (IRE) - Skylarking (IRE)
10UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Sos Brillante (CHI)
11UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Sovereign Street (GB)
12UNNAMEDBungle Inthejungle (GB) - Tamaletta (IRE)
13UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Tap the AnswerFree 
14UNNAMEDTamayuz (GB) - Tawteen
15UNNAMEDPalavicini - Tutelage (UAE)
17UNNAMEDHelmet (AUS) - Union City Blues (IRE)Free 
18UNNAMEDPour Moi (IRE) - Upper Silesian (IRE)
19UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Zaynaba (IRE)
20UNNAMEDBungle Inthejungle (GB) - Alarme Belle (GB)
22UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Amber's Bluff (GB)Free 
23UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Anam Chara (IRE)
24UNNAMEDRoderic O'Connor (IRE) - Arabian Coral (IRE)
25UNNAMEDXtension (IRE) - Cailin Deas Donn (IRE)
26UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Candelabra (GB)
27UNNAMEDRoderic O'Connor (IRE) - Catadalya (IRE)
29UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Cynthia Calhoun (GB)Free 
30UNNAMEDSepoy (AUS) - Dream of Wunders (GB)Free 
31UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Elmaam (GB)Free 
32UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Faussement Simple (IRE)
33UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Filandre (GB)
34UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Five Star Maria (IRE)Free 
35UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Gabriellina Klon (IRE)
37UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Gilda Lilly
38UNNAMEDHenrythenavigator - Golden Passion (IRE)
39UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Goose Island (IRE)Free 
40UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Greenflash (GB)
41UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Lady Ginevra (IRE)
42UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Lady Susy (IRE)Free 
43UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Majestic Jenny (IRE)
44UNNAMEDFrozen Power (IRE) - Melisasofia (IRE)
45UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Miss Frangipane (IRE)
46UNNAMEDCamelot (GB) - Miss IntimateFree 
47UNNAMEDLovelace (GB) - Misty Blue (IRE)
48UNNAMEDPoet's Voice (GB) - Mokaraba (GB)
49UNNAMEDMustameet - Riverside Fashion (IRE)
50UNNAMEDThewayyouare - Boynagh Joy (IRE)
51UNNAMEDArcano (IRE) - Inch Rebel (IRE)
52UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Miracle Trix (IRE)
54New BritainEnglish Channel - Restless Rixa (FR)Free 
55Coogee (IRE)Acclamation (GB) - Rosa Gialla (IRE)
56Uncle Henry (IRE)Henrythenavigator - Shebelia (GER)
57Shenzi (IRE)Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Song of The Sea (GB)Free 
58Westendorf (IRE)Coroner (IRE) - Two of Each (IRE)
60Aliym (IRE)Zoffany (IRE) - Aliyfa (IRE)Free 
61Summerseat Mist (IRE)Dandy Man (IRE) - Angel Bright (IRE)
61AReddot Express (GB)Iffraaj (GB) - Applauded (IRE)Free 
62Ashqar (IRE)Redoute's Choice (AUS) - Askeria (IRE)
64Upbeat KittenKitten's Joy - DynarhythmFree 
65Scarlet Ribbons (GB)Zoffany (IRE) - Good Health (GB)Free 
67Karakour (IRE)Dalakhani (IRE) - Karamaya (IRE)
68Karayaz (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Karawana (IRE)Free 
69Last Garrison (IRE)Mustameet - Katies Crown (IRE)
72Lucky Red (IRE)Red Jazz - Lucky Flirt
74Ale Ambrosio (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Memorys of Madness (IRE)
76Gold Not Silver (IRE)Celtic Swing (GB) - Molly-O (IRE)
80UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Nelly Ternan (GB)
81UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Neutral (GB)
82UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - New Music (IRE)
83UNNAMEDFinsceal Fior (IRE) - Nice One Rose (IRE)
84UNNAMEDHellvelyn (GB) - Oceanico Dot Com (IRE)
85UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Ode To Psyche (IRE)
86UNNAMEDFree Eagle (IRE) - Ohio (IRE)Free 
87UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - On A Pedestal (IRE)Free 
88UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - On Khee (GB)
89UNNAMEDWatar (IRE) - One Track Lass (IRE)
90UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Our Way Only (IRE)Free 
91UNNAMEDArakan - Out of Woods
92UNNAMEDWar Command - Outshine (GB)Free 
92AUNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - ParacelFree 
93UNNAMEDRock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Pareia (GER)Free 
94UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Pataya (IRE)
95UNNAMEDHeeraat (IRE) - Peace And Love (IRE)
96UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Peach Bloom (GB)Free 
97UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Perfect Fun (GB)Free 
98UNNAMEDFree Eagle (IRE) - PerivaleFree 
99UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Persian Filly (IRE)Free 
100UNNAMEDArchipenko - Phantasmagoric (IRE)
101UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Phantasy Rock (IRE)Free 
102UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Portentous (GB)
103UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Primeshade Promise (GB)Free 
104UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Primrose Gate (IRE)
105UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Princess Nicole (IRE)
106UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Prisca (GB)
107UNNAMEDCable Bay (IRE) - Puff Pastry (GB)Free 
108UNNAMEDMuhaarar (GB) - Queen of Tara (IRE)Free 
109Cannelito (FR)Makfi (GB) - Rahyna
110UNNAMEDUrban Poet - Randall's Rebecca (IRE)
112UNNAMEDCloudings (IRE) - Really Royale (FR)
113UNNAMEDNew Approach (IRE) - Redressthebalance (IRE)
114UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Reehan
115UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Regal Kiss (GB)
116UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Remedy (GB)
117UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Retrato
118UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Right After Moyne (IRE)
119UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Right Reason (IRE)
120UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Ringarooma (GB)
121UNNAMEDBaltic King (GB) - River Bounty (GB)
122UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Romanylei (IRE)
123UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Rondo Alla Turca (IRE)
124UNNAMEDSolskjaer (IRE) - Rosamund
125UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Rose Buck (GB)
127UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Rutland Water (IRE)Free 
128UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Saffey of Nowhere (IRE)
129UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Saint Lucy (GB)
130UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Saldenaera (GER)
131UNNAMEDRock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Saldenart (GER)Free 
132UNNAMEDSir Percy (GB) - Saltpetre (IRE)
133UNNAMEDWorthadd (IRE) - Samara Hills (IRE)
134UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Sample (FR)
135UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Sarella LorenFree 
136UNNAMEDDelegator (GB) - Selouma (FR)
137UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Seoighe (IRE)
138UNNAMEDDue Diligence - Serene Dream (GB)
140UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Sharki (GB)
142UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Shine A Star (GB)
143UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Shivermetimber (IRE)
145UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Sindjara
146UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Skylarking (IRE)
147UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Sli Na Fiarana (GB)Free 
148UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Small Parcel (IRE)
149UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Smart Hostess (GB)
150UNNAMEDBig Bad Bob (IRE) - Smolensk (IRE)
151UNNAMEDSixties Icon (GB) - Social Realism (IRE)
152UNNAMEDRock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Solar MidnightFree 
153UNNAMEDDue Diligence - Solfilia (GB)
154UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Song To The Moon (IRE)Free 
155UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Source of Life (IRE)
156UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Southern MigrationFree 
157UNNAMEDLilbourne Lad (IRE) - Sovienne (IRE)Free
159UNNAMEDShooting To Win (AUS) - Spirit of Success (GB)Free 
160UNNAMEDMukhadram (GB) - Spoil YourselfFree 
163UNNAMEDDue Diligence - Starbotton (GB)
164UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Starlight Symphony (IRE)
165UNNAMEDCanford Cliffs (IRE) - Stella Etoile (IRE)
167UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Sun Moon And Stars (IRE)Free 
168UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Sun Seasons (IRE)
169UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Suntory (IRE)
170UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Super Value (GB)
171UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Swizzle Stick (IRE)
172UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Taaluf (IRE)
173UNNAMEDQuest For Peace (IRE) - Tahnees Designs (IRE)
174UNNAMEDLawman (FR) - Tales of Erin (IRE)
175UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Tarentine (FR)
176UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Taste of More (IRE)Free 
177UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Teeline (IRE)
178UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Terracotta (IRE)Free 
179UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - The Farmers Sister (IRE)
180UNNAMEDBorn To Sea (IRE) - Third Dimension (FR)
181UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Tilemsiya (IRE)
182UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Till Dawn (IRE)
183UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Tilstarr (IRE)Free 
184UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Titch (IRE)
185UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Toparali (GB)
186UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Treasure The Lady (IRE)
187UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Trebles (IRE)
189UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Unreal (GB)
190UNNAMEDDelegator (GB) - Up And Running (GB)
191UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Valentina Guest (IRE)
192UNNAMEDBrazen Beau (AUS) - Veiled BeautyFree 
193UNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - Vera Lilley (IRE)Free 
194UNNAMEDTamayuz (GB) - Viking Rose (IRE)
195UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Virgin HawkFree 
196UNNAMEDMayson (GB) - Virtually (GB)
197UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Wafer Ice (IRE)Free 
198UNNAMEDMontmartre (FR) - Water Feature (GB)
199UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Westfest (IRE)
200UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Whatagoa (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
201UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Whatever You Do (IRE)
202UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Why Not Now (GB)Free 
203UNNAMEDBrazen Beau (AUS) - Wigan Lane (GB)Free 
205UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Xerxes (IRE)
206UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Youcouldntmakeitup (IRE)
207UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Zahenda (GB)
208UNNAMEDGregorian (IRE) - Aimee Tricks (GB)
209UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Akariyda (IRE)
210UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Alert (GB)
211UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Alexander Divine (GB)Free 
213UNNAMEDNathaniel (IRE) - All Day (CHI)
214UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Always The Lady (GB)Free 
215UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Amatara (IRE)
217UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Anadolu (IRE)
218UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Ann Kastan (GB)
219UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Annacurra (IRE)Free 
220UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Anner Queen (IRE)
222UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Ardfionn (IRE)
223UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Aries Ballerina (IRE)Free 
225UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - As You Wish (IRE)
226UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Ash (GB)
228UNNAMEDRuler of The World (IRE) - Aspasi (GB)Free 
229UNNAMEDBig Bad Bob (IRE) - Aspen Falls (IRE)
230UNNAMEDDue Diligence - Audrey Brown (GB)
231UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Augusta Lucinda (IRE)
233UNNAMEDFulbright (GB) - Baileys Forever (GB)
234UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Bailonguera (ARG)
235UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Baladiva (IRE)
236UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Basteta (IRE)
238UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Beacon of Hope (IRE)
239UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Beat The Stars (IRE)
240UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Belclare (IRE)
244UNNAMEDHarbour Watch (IRE) - Blonde (IRE)
245UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Blue Dune (GB)Free 
248UNNAMEDExcelebration (IRE) - Boga (IRE)Free 
249UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Boucheron (GB)
250UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Bound Copy
251UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Bowness (GB)
252UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Bronntanas (IRE)
253UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Cadescia (IRE)Free 
255UNNAMEDHarbour Watch (IRE) - Calypso Dream (IRE)
256UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Cattiva Generosa (GB)Free 
258UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - CentenerolaFree 
259UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Ceylon Round (FR)
260UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Charity Box (GB)
262UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - Chatifa (IRE)Free 
264UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Chimay (IRE)
265UNNAMEDFulbright (GB) - Church Road (IRE)
266UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - City Dazzler (IRE)
267UNNAMEDSepoy (AUS) - City On Sea (IRE)Free 
268UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Clinging Vine
269UNNAMEDAl Kazeem (GB) - Cliodhna (IRE)
270UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Clodilla (IRE)
271UNNAMEDAustralia (GB) - Coachella (GB)Free 
272UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Cockney Rhyme (GB)
273UNNAMEDWatar (IRE) - Coleta (IRE)
274UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Comedic Art (IRE)
275UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Coto (IRE)
276UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Country Life (IRE)
277UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Dainty Daisey (IRE)
278UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Dakota Fire (IRE)
279UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Dame Lucy (IRE)Free 
280UNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - Damhsa Le Cheile (IRE)Free 
281UNNAMEDMustajeeb (GB) - Dance Away (GB)
282UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Dancing Lauren (IRE)
284UNNAMEDWar Command - Davvero (IRE)Free 
285UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Deceptive (GB)
286UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Definite Love (IRE)
288UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Desert Riches (IRE)
289UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Disprove (IRE)
290UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Dixiedoodledandy (IRE)
291UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Dolphina
292UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Duchess Diva (IRE)Free 
293UNNAMEDAustralia (GB) - DynaglowFree 
294UNNAMEDWorthadd (IRE) - Easy To Sing (GB)
295UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Echoes of My Mind (IRE)Free 
296UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Emerald Peace (IRE)Free 
297UNNAMEDXtension (IRE) - Endino (IRE)
298UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Erbonne Girl (IRE)
299UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Expectation (IRE)
300UNNAMEDWorthadd (IRE) - Faanan Aldaar (IRE)
301UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Faddwa (IRE)
302UNNAMEDZoffany (IRE) - Fanzine (GB)Free 
305UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Firecrest (IRE)Free 
306UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Firey Red (IRE)Free 
307UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Five Star Maria (IRE)Free 
308UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Flamelet
309UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Flavia Tatiana (IRE)Free 
310UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Floating (GB)
311UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Folk Kris (IRE)
312UNNAMEDEl Salvador (IRE) - Follow Mama (IRE)
313UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Forest Delight (IRE)
314UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Forever More (IRE)Free 
316UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Fruit O'The Forest (IRE)Free 
317UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Gilda Lilly
318UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Gin And Slim (IRE)
320UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Glibin (IRE)
321UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Golden LemonFree 
322UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Grandegrandegrande (IRE)
323UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Great Decision (IRE)
325UNNAMEDWatar (IRE) - Greenville Girl (IRE)
326UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Hallbeck (GB)
327UNNAMEDFountain of Youth (IRE) - Harryana To (GB)Free 
328UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Harvest Moone (IRE)
329UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Hasanat (GB)
331UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - High Destiny (IRE)
332UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Hilarys First (IRE)Free 
333UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Holamo (IRE)
334UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Holly's Kid
335UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Hollyvillaexpress (IRE)
337UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Hoppsan (IRE)
338UNNAMEDCasamento (IRE) - House Point (GB)
339UNNAMEDMaxios (GB) - Human
340UNNAMEDCarlotamix (FR) - Humiliation (GB)
341UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Hurricane Havoc (IRE)
342UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Hurricane Linda (IRE)
343UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - ImtidaadFree 
344UNNAMEDPower (GB) - In My Dreams (IRE)
345UNNAMEDHavana Gold (IRE) - Inauguration (IRE)
347UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Innclassic (IRE)Free 
349UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Jackline (GB)
350UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Jasmina (GER)
352UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Jida (IRE)
355UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Jumpingjude (IRE)
356UNNAMEDEquiano (FR) - Just Darcy (GB)
357UNNAMEDCappella Sansevero (GB) - Just Like Ivy
358UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Just Silca (GB)Free 
359UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Kara Milovy (FR)
361UNNAMEDMukhadram (GB) - Karjera (IRE)Free 
362UNNAMEDRaven's Pass - Katherine Lee (IRE)
364UNNAMEDCable Bay (IRE) - Kitba (GB)Free 
365UNNAMEDMaxios (GB) - Kithonia (FR)
366UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - La La Loopsey (IRE)
367UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Lady Aria Starck (IRE)Free 
368UNNAMEDGregorian (IRE) - Lady Bee (IRE)
369UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Lady Conway
370UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Lady Howe (GB)
371UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Lady In The Bath (GB)
372UNNAMEDMake Believe (GB) - Lady Shanghai (IRE)
373UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Lasanta (GB)
374UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Lathaat (GB)
375UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Lay Lady Lay (IRE)
376UNNAMEDAustralia (GB) - Le Montrachet (GB)Free 
377UNNAMEDLawman (FR) - Leafy Approach (IRE)
378UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Leala (IRE)Free 
379UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Leenane (IRE)
380UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Little Choice (IRE)
381UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Littlemissara (IRE)
382UNNAMEDSeptember Storm (GER) - Live The Dream (GB)
383UNNAMEDFinsceal Fior (IRE) - Loire Lady (IRE)
383AUNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Lost Shilling (IRE)
384UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Love Valentine (IRE)
385UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Lucky Shiver (ITY)
386UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Luna (GB)
387UNNAMEDDabirsim (FR) - Luxie (IRE)
388UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Macy Anne (IRE)
389UNNAMEDHot Streak (IRE) - Magic Colour
390UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Magical Rose (IRE)Free 
391UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Mags Rock (IRE)
392UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Mahaazen (IRE)Free 
394UNNAMEDCanford Cliffs (IRE) - Maontri (IRE)
395UNNAMEDCanford Cliffs (IRE) - Marhaba (GB)
397UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Mary Boleyn (IRE)
398UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Mary Mac Swiney (IRE)
398AUNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Maysa (IRE)
399UNNAMEDCappella Sansevero (GB) - Mean Lae (IRE)
400UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Melatonina (IRE)
401UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Melodrama (IRE)Free 
402UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Midas Haze (GB)
403UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Millport (GB)
404UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Miss Cambridge (GB)
405UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Miss Cilla (IRE)
406UNNAMEDRule of Law - Miss Jovial (IRE)
407UNNAMEDBungle Inthejungle (GB) - Miss Mauna Kea (IRE)
408UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Miss Odlum (IRE)
409UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Modesty's Way
411UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Moonlight Ranger
412UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Mountain Glow (GB)
413UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Mowazana (IRE)
415UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Ms Mary C (IRE)
417UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Mysteriousness (FR)Free 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
418UNNAMEDBig Bad Bob (IRE) - Nesmeh
419UNNAMEDOrpen - Splendeur (FR)
421Zagrelly (GB)Three Valleys - ZaghrutaClodovil (IRE)
422UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Aegean Sky (IRE)
424UNNAMEDRock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Gilded Edge (GB)Free 
425UNNAMEDDick Turpin (IRE) - Miss Prim (GB)
426Night Poetry (IRE)Sea The Stars (IRE) - Aquila D'oriente (ITY)
428Noble Manners (IRE)Myboycharlie (IRE) - New Story
429Norwegian Highness (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Norwegian Princess (IRE)
431Parknasilla (IRE)Dutch Art (GB) - Palanca (GB)
432Pass The Moon (IRE)Raven's Pass - Dubai Moon
435Pearl City (IRE)Zamindar - Miss Hawai (FR)Mayson (GB)
436Petit Moselle (IRE)Sadler's Wells - Moselle (GB)Champs Elysees (GB)
437Pisa No TiffanyFusaichi Pegasus - Tap Your HeelsNew Bay (GB)
439Quality LoveElusive Quality - Circus ToonsClodovil (IRE)
440Remembered Joy (IRE)Medicean (GB) - Eva's Time (IRE)
442Rojo (IRE)Dutch Art (GB) - Requejada
443Rose Heart (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - Pride of My Heart (GB)
444Roses Need Rain (IRE)Makfi (GB) - Alshakr (GB)
445Rutland Water (IRE)Hawk Wing - Rutledge (IRE)Pour Moi (IRE)
446Ruxleys StarArtie Schiller - LadueFree 
447Sacred City (FR)Elusive City - Santa Louisia (GB)
448ASalariaqDaaher - AlabaqFree 
449Salhooda (IRE)Nayef - Alshakr (GB)Mukhadram (GB)Free 
452Shadow Spirit (GB)Makfi (GB) - Highland Shot (GB)Adaay (IRE)
454Shamtari (IRE)Alhaarth (IRE) - Al BahathriAwtaad (IRE)
455Sherbert (GB)Power (GB) - Original (GB)
457Silken CandyArch - Primadona (IRE)
461So You Go (IRE)So You Think (NZ) - Seal Bay (IRE)Free 
462Song To The Moon (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - Jojeema (GB)Gutaifan (IRE)
464Starlight Circus (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Mountain Law
465Sugar Blossom (IRE)Marju (IRE) - Lovely Blossom (FR)Sepoy (AUS)Free 
466Sundown Sally (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Park Twilight (IRE)Free 
467Sunlit Waters (GB)New Approach (IRE) - Faraway Waters (GB)
468Sure To Explore (IRE)Henrythenavigator - Shibina (IRE)
469Surfside (GB)Sixties Icon (GB) - Altona (IRE)Coulsty (IRE)
470Suzy Vega (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE) - Suzette de Bavay (IRE)
471Sweet Sienna (GB)Harbour Watch (IRE) - Look Busy (IRE)
473This Girl (FR)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Plume Rouge (GB)Free 
474Thurayaat (GB)Tamayuz (GB) - Ghaidaa (IRE)Night of Thunder (IRE)Free 
475Timeless Dream (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Simply TimesBattle of Marengo (IRE)
479Tonys Magic (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Annmarie's Magic (IRE)Night of Thunder (IRE)Free 
480Toomer (GB)Iffraaj (GB) - Harlem Dancer (GB)Free 
483Valcamonica (IRE)Bushranger (IRE) - Intricate Design (GB)Free 
484Valentina Guest (IRE)Be My Guest - Karamiyna (IRE)
485Vivacious Way (GB)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Dance LivelyCoulsty (IRE)
486Vodka Approved (IRE)Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Thrift (IRE)Epaulette (AUS)Free 
487Voyageuse (FR)Kentucky Dynamite - Villadolide (FR)Make Believe (GB)
488Waitaki (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Bluebell ParkAlhebayeb (IRE)
490Whatagoodcatch (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Truly Generous (IRE)
491Whitethorn (IRE)Cape Blanco (IRE) - Lorena Wood
492Wizz Up (IRE)Whipper - Lidanna (GB)The Last Lion (IRE)Free 
493World's GreatestDiscreet Cat - Say You Will (IRE)
494Zahenda (GB)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Impetious (GB)Battle of Marengo (IRE)
495Zalama (FR)Red Ransom - ZalaiykaFulbright (GB)
496Zamra (IRE)Azamour (IRE) - Deauville Vision (IRE)Outstrip (GB)
497Zariyfa (IRE)Zoffany (IRE) - Zariziyna (IRE)Free 
498A Good Year (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Noble Pearl (GER)Excelebration (IRE)Free 
501Adaliya (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Adjaliya (IRE)Free 
502Afillyation (GB)Excelebration (IRE) - Brazilian Spirit (IRE)Free 
503Age of Elegance (IRE)Makfi (GB) - Elegant Pride (GB)
504Agnes Gru (IRE)Born To Sea (IRE) - Catch Light (GB)
507All In Green (IRE)Diamond Green (FR) - Soreze (IRE)Famous Name (GB)
508Almond Brook (GB)Mayson (GB) - Space Time (FR)
509Always Dancing (IRE)Canford Cliffs (IRE) - Love Contest (IRE)
511Anadolu (IRE)Statue of Liberty - AftoThe Last Lion (IRE)Free 
513Artistic Dancer (GB)Dutch Art (GB) - Self Expression (GB)Famous Name (GB)
514Asian Lady (GB)Kyllachy (GB) - Prancing (GB)Footstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
518Baileys Pursuit (GB)Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Royal Mistress (GB)Lethal Force (IRE)
519Bayan Kasirga (IRE)Aussie Rules - GwyllionFootstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
522Birdcage (GB)Showcasing (GB) - Trinny (GB)Free 
523Black Mascara (IRE)Authorized (IRE) - Pina Colada (GB)Harzand (IRE)
524Black Silk (GB)Foxwedge (AUS) - Crinolette (IRE)Free 
526Bobbie's Girl (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Lamanka LassEstidhkaar (IRE)
527Bora Blues (GB)Peintre Celebre - Borgia (GER)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
529Bridge Poseidon (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - Privileged Speech
530Cairnsforth (IRE)Flemensfirth - Lizzy Langtry (IRE)
531Camacho Dancer (IRE)Camacho (GB) - Dazzling Day (GB)
532Cape Cadeau (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Triple Wood
533Caradiva (IRE)Society Rock (IRE) - Mango Groove (IRE)
534Careless Whisper (IRE)Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Vino Veritas
535Catamaran (IRE)Shamardal - Katla (IRE)
536Ceol Na Nog (IRE)Teofilo (IRE) - Ard Fheis (IRE)Free 
537Challengeaccepted (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Quick Thinking (IRE)
538Charming (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Nofa's Magic (IRE)Coulsty (IRE)
539Chica Loca (FR)American Post (GB) - Comete (FR)Acclamation (GB)
540Chiclet (IRE)Dandy Man (IRE) - Springfort (IRE)
542Cindy Bould (GB)High Chaparral (IRE) - Go East (GER)Footstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
544Could Should Would (IRE)Jeremy - All Day (CHI)
545Damila (FR)Milanais (FR) - Dawaes (FR)
546Dawaama (IRE)Dansili (GB) - Filfilah (GB)Tamayuz (GB)
548Deviate (IRE)Acclamation (GB) - Divert (IRE)
549Dick's Pet (IRE)Fast Company (IRE) - Lietta (IRE)Es Que Love (IRE)
550Discover More (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Lone Spirit (IRE)
552Dixey (GB)Diktat (GB) - Hoh Dancer (GB)
554Doubly Motivated (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Chicane (GB)Free 
556Echoism (IRE)Casamento (IRE) - Epic Similie (GB)
558Elmaliya (IRE)Sepoy (AUS) - Elbasana (IRE)Free 
559Energia Fox (BRZ)Agnes Gold (JPN) - Super Eletric (BRZ)
560Enfijaar (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - HarayirExceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
561Epping Rose (IRE)Kodiac (GB) - Epping (GB)
562Fairy Cloak (IRE)Royal Applause (GB) - Cape of Night (IRE)
565Fenagh (IRE)Dabirsim (FR) - Book of Manners (GB)
566Fille du Septembre (IRE)Choisir (AUS) - Rocking (GB)Free 
567Fireflies (IRE)Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Campfire Glow (IRE)Free 
570Focus of Attention (IRE)Intense Focus - Precipitous (IRE)
572Four's Company (IRE)Fast Company (IRE) - Mrs Beeton (IRE)
574Freccia di Fuoco (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Adamantina (GB)
575Full Credit (GB)Cacique (IRE) - High Praise
576Galeaza (GB)Galileo (IRE) - Desertion (IRE)Fulbright (GB)
577Gasta (IRE)Vocalised - Buille Cliste (IRE)
578Glamorous Approach (IRE)New Approach (IRE) - Maria Lee (IRE)
579Golden LemonLemon Drop Kid - Golden LeafBorn To Sea (IRE)
580Harrana (IRE)New Approach (IRE) - Hazarafa (IRE)
581Hi Milady (IRE)Sir Prancealot (IRE) - Hi Katriona (IRE)Free 
582Hope So (IRE)Bated Breath (GB) - Time Ahead (GB)
584India Rain (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Anywaysmile (IRE)Free 
585IslehamStreet Cry (IRE) - Calla Lily
586Jaaryah (IRE)Halling - Albahja (GB)
588Jowana (IRE)Dutch Art (GB) - Mouriyana (IRE)
589Joya Breeze (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Triple Try (IRE)
590Just A Runaway (GB)Equiano (FR) - Contemporary (IRE)
591Kaks Roosid (FR)Youmzain (IRE) - Danidh Dubai (IRE)
592Karaganda (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Karawana (IRE)
594Kenzahope (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Bedford Hope (GER)
595Kilganer Queen (IRE)Trans Island (GB) - La Prima Diva (IRE)
596KilluraMizzen Mast - WezzoPower (GB)
597Kiss The Wind (IRE)Casamento (IRE) - Ava's World (IRE)
598Kithonia (FR)Sadler's Wells - Ratukidul (FR)Le Havre (IRE)
599Kondakova (IRE)Soviet Star - Solar StarFast Company (IRE)
600La Chapelle (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Nightime (IRE)Fascinating Rock (IRE)
601Lady Acclaim (GB)Acclamation (GB) - Medina (IRE)Anjaal (GB)
602Lagan Bird (IRE)Hawk Wing - Benefits Galore (IRE)Famous Name (GB)
604Life On Mars (GB)Henrythenavigator - Dilag (IRE)Swiss Spirit (GB)
606Little White Owl (IRE)Kodiac (GB) - Miznapp (GB)
608Lucys Angel (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - La Quinta (IRE)Power (GB)
611Maison Bleu (GB)Nathaniel (IRE) - Monaco Dream (IRE)
612Malhama (GB)New Approach (IRE) - Mahaatheer (IRE)Sepoy (AUS)Free 
613Manaahil (GB)Dubawi (IRE) - Mudaaraah (GB)
614Meet Thequeen (GB)Three Valleys - Salanka (IRE)Fast Company (IRE)
615Melisandre (IRE)Intense Focus - I Hearyou Knocking (IRE)
616Memyselfie (IRE)Kodiac (GB) - Cool Tarifa (IRE)
617Miss Qatar (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - Then 'n Now (GB)
618Miss Rebel (GB)Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Royal Adelaide (IRE)
620Moonwise (IRE)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Moonstone Magic (GB)Free 
621Moorstone (GB)Manduro (GER) - Pan Galactic
622Morello (IRE)Medicean (GB) - Mullein (GB)
623Moving Waves (IRE)Intense Focus - Kimola (IRE)Dandy Man (IRE)
626Myakka Park (IRE)Lawman (FR) - Sweet Firebird (IRE)
627Myth (GB)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Dareen (IRE)