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Indiana Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association 2019 Fall Mixed Sale

October 28, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDShakin It Up - Fifth Avenue StyleFree
2Palmer's PassPass Rush - Flatter Me FionaFree
3Amazing JusticePalace - Flower SwordFree 
4Race Day ReadyRace Day - Fudge FataleFree 
5UNNAMEDGemologist - Funny Girl RachelFree 
6Who Wants WhatSangaree - Gilded Rose
7Hard Luck JusticeHarry's Holiday - Grace of Gold
8Oxbow's ImageOxbow - GrandiosaFree 
9ManuelitoMajestic Harbor - Harper's DreamFree
10MerocketmanSangaree - Hoosier Sugar
11Rosy GlowQuien - Isola Rosa
12Caught NappingTrappe Shot - Italian OperaFree 
13A Touch of JusticeHarry's Holiday - Justice Jackpot
14TalktomejusticeRevolutionary - Kid Justice
15Poppy's DreamBroken Vow - Klondike HillsState Line
16Fandango JusticeCinco Charlie - Lady CarolineFree 
17Tip Up TownHoliday Promise - Lake Natron
18Awesome JusticeHarry's Holiday - Lemon Flower
19Bridle PartyBenny the Bull - Little Somethin
20LetsbegreatagainSangaree - Maggie's Dream
21First Lady MaggieSangaree - Maggie's Dream
22UNNAMEDMonba - Majestic Isle
23Passing On ByPass Rush - Mardi Gras IndyFree
24GoosingNotional - MidnightresolutionFree
25Strong StyleStrong Hope - Miles of Styles
26LonglivejusticeHarry's Holiday - Mining Town
27UNNAMEDConveyance - More Than LuckFree
28Cielo BluBlueskiesnrainbows - Ms. Cat PrincessFree
29Loona LuvInclude - My Lunar LoveFree 
30Hebrew SongDixie Union - New DimensionState Line
31Trip ChargeDeputy Storm - No Shame
32Golden CommandStrong Mandate - OrangeblackandgoldFree 
33Perfect Smokey EyeStorm's Eye - Perfect List
34Jacksons GoldJack Milton - OrangeblackandgoldFree 
35Flat Out ClassyFlat Out - Pic Me for GoldFree 
36Unique JusticeLantana Mob - Pink Kitten
37TalkinaboutmygirlSangaree - Purishon
38Sky Hi SugarNeko Bay - SablenaState Line
39UNNAMEDAfleet Alex - Saratoga WhistlerFree 
40Milton LayneJack Milton - She's AuthenticFree 
41UNNAMEDDanza - Silent TearsFree
42Herbie Derbie DayTaprize - Stone ModelFree
43StopshopingkarenDeputy Storm - Stephanie's Wager
44GoodtimejusticeHarry's Holiday - Sunny Cide Street
45Temple RunTemple City - Tax RobFree 
46Romantic JusticeHarry's Holiday - Swept Ashore
47Classic RoseTaprize - Text N RideFree
48Broken JusticeHarry's Holiday - Tarnished Halo
49Work Through LunchWarrior's Reward - The GardenerFree 
50Dirty JusticeHarry's Holiday - Thendara
51Midnight HookMidnight Lute - Under ServicedDanzaFree
52LightupjusticeElusive Bluff - Tigon
53Valid InterestPersonal Interest - Valid Meadow
54OverthetopjusticeLantana Mob - True Starlet
55Paloma's PassPass Rush - Village VoiceFree
56Sharp JusticeFlat Out - Two PumpFree 
57Jumpin JacquelineMr. Sinatra - As It WerePaynterFree 
58Clever JusticeHarry's Holiday - Vague Memory
59UNNAMEDProtonico - Bud's Little EdgeFree 
60Rockin JusticeHarry's Holiday - Alegra
61Dance MoneyMajestic Harbor - CactusaFree
62Steamboat JusticeElusive Bluff - Be Wise Get Even
63UNNAMEDStrong Contender - Chantilly's Friend
64One Hot ChickSkipshot - Clifton BayFree
65Coronado JusticeHarry's Holiday - Coronado Crown
66Joe CoolTurbo Compressor - Cool CorredorFree
67Energetic JusticeHarry's Holiday - Downtown Justice
68Lazer LassFort Larned - Dynamite LassDanzaFree
69Red LicoriceQuien - Eye of the Artist
70WallawallabingbangAnimal Style - Admitit
71Got LostGet Stormy - Lost VillageFree