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Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Manitoba Div.) 2019 Canadian-Bred Yearling Sale

August 11, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Red Fire LightTrue Sense - Let Salt Fly
2MaibellaAmi's Holiday - MairiaFree 
3UNNAMEDGoing Commando - Mariaburg
4Foxy Bon BonDynamic Sky - Nickel CandyFree 
5April JewelsTrue Sense - Nose the Pose
6Just for CharlotteGoing Commando - Oak Creek
7Not a WinkTrue Sense - Pillow Book
8Amma's StarTom Shy - Puttinonairs
9UNNAMEDDominus - Runaway DeliteFree 
10Russian RedSignature Red - Russian JewelFree 
11Kool OneMilwaukee Brew - San Diego NightsFree 
12UNNAMEDTrue Sense - She Is Impressive
13Crowned RoyalTrue Sense - She's Regal
14Inspired VisionTrue Sense - Sheza Force
15Jet BabyQuest - Sista Baby Girl
16UNNAMEDHonour Devil (ARG) - So Like a Tiger
17On the LineGoing Commando - Stylish Lady
18UNNAMEDTrue Sense - Sweet Tizzy Lizzy
19Tony the TaggerQuest - Tagmeifyoucan
20UNNAMEDDynamic Sky - Takara CoveFree 
21Kling's CommandoGoing Commando - Threetimesawonder
22MoonlightcharlotteTrue Sense - Two Dorcas
23Yankee CatTrue Sense - Yankee Candy
24Locked InGoing Commando - Yelling Timber
25Call the CopsVengeful Wildcat - Agolo Bynoe
26Mr. G.True Sense - Annie's Award
27Hometown KidTrue Sense - Bull Market Lady
28Go for SodaConquest Curlinate - Cherry WildcatFree 
29UNNAMEDGoing Commando - Danger Pay
30TakemeonaquestQuest - Djimmah
31UNNAMEDTrue Sense - Dominant Currency
32Bear ObsessionBear's Kid - Easters Lily
33Elsie's WishQuest - Esther's Wish
34UNNAMEDGoing Commando - Galica
35UNNAMEDGoing Commando - High Pioneer
36HenrisincontrolQuest - I Am Persnickety
37Mr. FallonSociety's Chairman - ImpersonateFree 
38Tribal WarriorGoing Commando - Intertribal
39Cody de KowboyQuest - Itsmollysday
40UNNAMEDTrue Sense - Jungle Storm
41Curlin' CalvinConquest Curlinate - Kaleidoscope KerryFree