Ratings Generated in 2019
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Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Div.) 2019 Canadian Premier Yearling Sale

August 29, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDFast Anna - A. A. Flaxen QueenFree 
2HeehaaHyper - Ah HunFree
3UNNAMEDVerrazano - AlgomaFree 
4UNNAMEDRookie Sensation - AliciainwonderlandFree 
5UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Alpha Mood
6UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Aluring IsleFree 
7UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Amelia Go HomeFree 
8UNNAMEDFlat Out - American CastleFree 
9UNNAMEDPool Play - Angel in TheforestFree 
10UNNAMEDReload - Another ChannelFree 
11You Thrill MeGiant Gizmo - A Perfect SqueezeFree 
12UNNAMEDWe Miss Artie - Apocalyptica
13UNNAMEDDialed In - AquinnahFree 
14UNNAMEDSignature Red - Aquiring SignalFree 
15UNNAMEDOld Forester - ArchagonnakissmeFree 
16UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Arden BelleFree 
17UNNAMEDReload - AshebaFree 
18UNNAMEDGraydar - As NotedFree
19UNNAMEDReload - Astro RulerFree 
20UNNAMEDKarakontie (JPN) - Aunt PatFree 
21UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Awesome SugarFree 
22Calming InfluenceHyper - AwishyorheartmakesFree
23UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - Baby BFree 
24UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Back to ClassFree 
25UNNAMEDSky Mesa - BallynoeFree 
26UNNAMEDBear's Kid - Bear It's Time
27UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Bear MemoryFree 
28UNNAMEDFlintshire (GB) - Bear's GemFree 
29UNNAMEDOld Forester - Bear's Kitty KittyFree 
30UNNAMEDTapiture - Bear's MollyFree 
31UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - Beautyandthebeast (GB)Free 
32UNNAMEDReload - BirsayFree 
33UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - Black Hills GoldieFree 
34Commander JoeGiant Gizmo - Blonde MissFree 
35UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - Blue DahliaFree 
36Gatemouth BrownBodemeister - Blues LegendFree 
37UNNAMEDBig Screen - Bop to the Top
38UNNAMEDOld Forester - Born to Be QueenFree 
39UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - Brewtiful GirlFree 
40UNNAMEDRace Day - BrisklyFree 
41UNNAMEDEnglish Channel - CabrioleFree 
42UNNAMEDJustin Phillip - Cajun DivaFree 
43UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Cal BayersFree 
44UNNAMEDSilver Max - CaledonFree 
45UNNAMEDSligo Bay (IRE) - Catch a FireFree 
46UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - ChilecitoFree 
47UNNAMEDWar Dancer - Chinchilla LadyFree 
48UNNAMEDKentucky Bear - Ciboulette
49UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - Clare's BernardineFree 
50UNNAMEDSilver Max - Clarkston KellyFree 
51UNNAMEDSilver Max - Clarkston TamaraFree 
52UNNAMEDDaredevil - Classic RomanceFree 
53UNNAMEDTourist - Classic SoulFree 
54UNNAMEDTizway - Classy Katherine
55UNNAMEDNot Bourbon - CoFree 
56CocotaraHyper - CocowitchFree
57UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - ControlledFree 
58UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Copelan CountyFree 
59UNNAMEDOld Forester - Cosa RaraFree 
60UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Cost and EffectFree 
61UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Costume Girl
62UNNAMEDDynamic Sky - Count to ThreeFree 
63UNNAMEDReload - Creekside CafeFree 
64UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - Cutie GirlFree 
65UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - Dana My LoveFree 
66UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Dance Chic to ChicFree 
67UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Dance for Dixie
68UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Dancing DorisFree 
69UNNAMEDSligo Bay (IRE) - Deputy SongFree 
70UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Diamonds Are B F FFree 
71UNNAMEDSignature Red - Diana's JackpotFree 
72UNNAMEDCommissioner - DiscreetFree 
73Divine GenesisHyper - Divine HelpFree
74Dixie BinHyper - Dixie BelleFree
75UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Dont Miss Crissy
76UNNAMEDOld Forester - Dream BabyFree 
77UNNAMEDDynamic Sky - Dreaminofcarmela CFree 
78Dwild IrishholidayAmi's Holiday - D'wild LadyFree 
79UNNAMEDGamble's Exchange - Dynaco
80UNNAMEDBayern - El TaraFree 
81Garth VaderGiant Gizmo - Emily CarrFree 
82UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Estrada's GirlFree 
83UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Euro PlatinumFree 
84UNNAMEDReload - EustaciaFree 
85UNNAMEDBig Screen - Executive Affair
86UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Executive DreamerFree 
87UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - ExecutrixFree 
88UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Explosive LeahFree 
89UNNAMEDSilver Max - Fancy AnnieFree 
90UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Fancy RibbonsFree 
91Gourmet BrewMilwaukee Brew - Favorite MelodyFree 
92UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Firey GrillFree 
93UNNAMEDDominus - Fleet KrisFree 
94UNNAMEDKentucky Bear - Flirting Glances
95OverfloDynamic Sky - FloawayFree 
96UNNAMEDWhere's the Ring - Front Page NewsFree 
97UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - GajaFree 
98UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Garavogue ColleenFree 
99UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - Gentle AngelFree 
100UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Gerty's TurnFree 
101UNNAMEDBig Screen - Giant Cause
102UNNAMEDSignature Red - Ginger BFree 
103UNNAMEDOld Forester - Gladiator QueenFree 
104Darlyn DylanAtreides - Good VibrationFree
105UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Green WatersFree 
106UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - HangingwithsonnyFree 
107UNNAMEDReload - Hannah SueFree 
108UNNAMEDReload - Harbour VixenFree 
109UNNAMEDReload - Heidi Ho SilverFree 
110UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - Henry's CollectionFree 
111UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - High TeeFree 
112UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - HijikiFree 
113Souper TipSouper Speedy - Hi Times BrittanyFree 
114UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - Hold the SugarFree 
115UNNAMEDSilver Max - Holy CargoFree 
116UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Honey RyderFree 
117UNNAMEDSilver Max - How Far Is HeavenFree 
118UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - Humor Me AmyFree 
119UNNAMEDVerrazano - Ice Cream SocialFree 
120Forgotten TreasureDynamic Sky - I Like the WhipFree 
121UNNAMEDPaynter - It's Bear TimeFree 
122UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - JademarieFree 
123UNNAMEDTourist - Jane N AliFree 
124Jilli MarieDynamic Sky - Jilli's CapeFree 
125UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Johar MoonFree 
126UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - J's Hot Shot LadyFree 
127UNNAMEDWicked Strong - J's Two Step HaloFree 
128UNNAMEDReload - Jungle JewelFree 
129UNNAMEDSligo Bay (IRE) - KatzeFree 
130UNNAMEDBig Screen - Knotty Pine (GB)
131UNNAMEDOld Forester - La Donna MobileFree 
132UNNAMEDHunters Bay - Lady CopelanFree 
133UNNAMEDNot Bourbon - Lady EkatiFree 
134UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Lady in the ForestFree 
135DerzkiiFrac Daddy - Lady Sarah
136UNNAMEDBig Screen - Lassair
137UNNAMEDShackleford - Let's Forget ItFree 
138UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Lexi TapFree 
139UNNAMEDGraydar - LittlemissattitudeFree
140UNNAMEDBig Screen - London Snow
141UNNAMEDReload - Loupe de GraceFree 
142UNNAMEDReload - Lovely CerseiFree 
143UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Lunar LindaFree 
144UNNAMEDBig Screen - Lyndenshire
145UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - LynnessaFree 
146UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Macum
147UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - Madam InspectorFree 
148UNNAMEDFlashback - Magic CharmFree
149UNNAMEDSilver Max - Magna Cum LaudeFree 
150PopthechampagneDanza - MarthabraeFree 
151UNNAMEDTizway - Masked Rebel
152GreyshottFrac Daddy - Megavella
153UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Miss BlakelyFree 
154UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Miss DorothyFree 
155UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - Miss DragonflyFree 
156UNNAMEDNot Bourbon - Miss M V PFree 
157UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Mistress GallopFree 
158UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Mo Jo QueenFree 
159UNNAMEDBig Screen - Monarchist
160UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Moonlit BeautyFree 
161UNNAMEDReload - Moonlite GlintFree 
162UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - More Than BandeauFree 
163UNNAMEDReload - Mount RoyerFree 
164UNNAMEDTourist - My ChristiniFree 
165UNNAMEDOld Forester - My Pal ArianaFree 
166UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - NegotiableFree 
167UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Night FeverFree 
168SilenzioSilent Name (JPN) - NorquayFree 
169UNNAMEDSilver Max - No Sugar TonightFree 
170UNNAMEDTonalist - Oh Maybe BabyFree 
171UNNAMEDFrac Daddy - Oistins
172UNNAMEDReload - Ok One MoreFree 
173UNNAMEDReload - OneexcessiveniteFree 
174Road MapSociety's Chairman - One Sweet LoveFree 
175UNNAMEDCommissioner - On Time DeliveryFree 
176UNNAMEDAtreides - OtonabeeFree
177UNNAMEDPool Play - Parisian ProfitFree 
178UNNAMEDRookie Sensation - Paul's GirlFree 
179UNNAMEDVerrazano - Pedal PrincessFree 
180UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Peggy OFree 
181LaugaricioHyper - PeploeFree
182UNNAMEDBig Screen - Perfect Dreamer
183UNNAMEDFed Biz - Phoebe's CourtFree 
184UNNAMEDDynamic Sky - Pink PalletFree 
185UNNAMEDKantharos - Platinum SteelFree 
186UNNAMEDShackleford - Prado GirlFree 
187UNNAMEDBig Screen - Prestissimo
188UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Princess ChelseaFree 
189UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Princess PickFree 
190UNNAMEDMidshipman - Proud VixenFree 
191UNNAMEDRookie Sensation - Purely ElegantFree 
192UNNAMEDFort Larned - Queen GFree 
193UNNAMEDOld Forester - Queenie's GoldFree 
194UNNAMEDAwesome Again - Queen JulyFree 
195UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Quiet RequestFree 
196UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - QuinnderellaFree 
197UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - RacenFree 
198UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Radar RunFree 
199UNNAMEDWhere's the Ring - Regal VictoriaFree 
200UNNAMEDSligo Bay (IRE) - RelocateFree 
201UNNAMEDReload - River NymphFree 
202UNNAMEDTapiture - River's Way OnlyFree 
203UNNAMEDTizway - Romantic Song
204UNNAMEDSignature Red - Rouge LadyFree 
205UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Saint JudyFree 
206UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Sammy's ChoiceFree 
207UNNAMEDTizway - Samsal
208UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - San Nicola AngelFree 
209UNNAMEDFlat Out - San Nicola DancerFree 
210UNNAMEDKentucky Bear - San Nicola Knight
211UNNAMEDGemologist - Santin's AnnaFree 
212UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Scenic GulchFree 
213UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Secret Agent LadyFree 
214UNNAMEDFlat Out - She's a FleetFree 
215UNNAMEDReload - She'sagreenmachineFree 
216UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - She's a RingerFree 
217UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - She's OrdainedFree 
218UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - She's the UmpireFree 
219Shoot Forthe MoneyReload - Show Me the EurosFree 
220UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - SiddonaFree 
221UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Silver AdventureFree 
222UNNAMEDCan the Man - Simple as ThatFree 
223UNNAMEDWar Dancer - SinfulFree 
224White BeakHyper - Sister RollyFree
225UNNAMEDReload - SkyboundFree 
226UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - SlipcoverFree 
227UNNAMEDSilent Name (JPN) - Smart MusicFree 
228UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Smart SuzieFree 
229UNNAMEDReload - SoulaciousFree 
230UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Still SearchingFree 
231UNNAMEDReload - Stormy AdieuFree 
232UNNAMEDDialed In - Strike TwiceFree 
233UNNAMEDVancouver (AUS) - Sunset CocktailFree 
234UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Sunshine AnnaFree 
235Champaine On IceConquest Curlinate - Super Nova DesertFree 
236UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Super StoryFree 
237UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - SweetdeterminationFree 
238UNNAMEDWe Miss Artie - Sweet Little Shoe
239UNNAMEDOld Forester - SweetstartFree 
240UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Swinging SingleFree 
241BreathlessnthesandAmi's Holiday - TakeyourbreathawayFree 
242UNNAMEDOld Forester - Tara by the BayFree 
243UNNAMEDBig Screen - Tell No One
244UNNAMEDReload - TenjectoryFree 
245UNNAMEDOld Forester - Teresa's PrideFree 
246UNNAMEDOld Forester - TeresitaFree 
247UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - Terri's PassFree 
248WenjackCold Harbor - That Will Work
249UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - Tiz My Cherrie (FR)Free 
250UNNAMEDWe Miss Artie - Tiz Stormy Now
251UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - Trippin OutFree 
252UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - True StoryFree 
253UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - TrufflesfromheavenFree 
254Sensible PortionsSociety's Chairman - Twilight GallopFree 
255UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - Twist and PopFree 
256UNNAMEDReload - Unfair AdvantageFree 
257UNNAMEDAmi's Holiday - Unforgettable TooFree 
258UNNAMEDReload - UproarFree 
259UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - VinoliciousFree 
260UNNAMEDOld Forester - Where Is EgbertFree 
261UNNAMEDOld Forester - Where's the IrishFree 
262UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Wild DynaFree 
263UNNAMEDLeonnatus Anteas - Wild Lucy Dancer
264UNNAMEDSociety's Chairman - Wild StrikeFree 
265UNNAMEDSky Mesa - WilnosperfectionFree 
266UNNAMEDAfleet Alex - Wings of ParadiseFree 
267UNNAMEDNot Bourbon - WistlaFree 
268Wonderful SofiaBig Screen - Wonder of It All
269UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - Woodland City (SAF)Free 
270UNNAMEDConquest Curlinate - WouldthisbemagicFree 
271UNNAMEDSouper Speedy - You've Been PlayedFree 
272UNNAMEDOld Forester - ZazingaFree 
273Commander TomSilver Max - Zilver HekFree